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I want to become a film actor , what are process for it?

I have completed SSLC, Interested in acting

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4 answers

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Vinay,
Start auditioning with a local theater where you might learn about what a talent agency will be looking in casting a model for a commercial. Also, you could read Variety online, Studio 32, Deadline, Twitter and Facebook. Those initial years will be difficult, and you'll probably have to get employed as a waitress or some other job. Best wishes.

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Syed’s Answer

it requires a lot of dedication, patience, i would suggest you to start with a Drama company and get to learn as much as you can.
later you can start with TV shows and then get that name. am surwith dedication you should be able to pursue what you really want.

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Scott David’s Answer

Working as an actor can be a daunting career. It takes hard work and dedication. Try to find actors in your community, audition and start working on plays, and if you don't get cast produce your own. Push yourself to learn more every day, and surround yourself with likeminded people. You can do it, just find a way to start where you are, then grow from there.

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David’s Answer

Here's an interesting question from a student in India whom has just completed the SSLC exams, an acronym for "Secondary School Leaving Certificate." I hope that I can remember the correct spelling of this student's name, Vinay Kanth K.; if I have it misspelled, please forgive me. I can't turn the page back on my machine for it will kick me out if here. Let's continue: Vinay wants to know what the process is, or what road to go down on, figuratively speaking, to become an 'actor.'
I've acted in nearly all of my film school movies, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels; indeed, during my lengthy sojourn at the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, I wrote, produced, and directed mostly experimental short film pieces - though my graduate school MFA thesis film, titled "Mama's Will," was a kind of Ibsenian family drama set in the time period of the 1970s, and from that imagined time and place, I delivered a scenario that held a strict moral punch derived from a similar principal dramatic proposition - that "selfless ambition doesn't mix well with modern family values." Why am I telling you my film school experience?
Well, first of all, you got to pursue higher education, at least that's the rule in Canada. If you want to go into the Fine Arts, you will need to attend college and/or university. Once you're in with the artistic crowd, mostly people of your own age, study hard and socialize with equal fervor. It is mostly the varied levels of both personal and impersonal (including academic and semi-professional) relationships that you will cultivate, while you're in college and/or university, which you will need to succeed at this acting endeavor. But don't forget to study your butt off too, for without any brains, you won't get far! You need to know your stuff, that is, not only the methods of modern acting, but also literature, music, painting, photography, as well as the humanities, including politics; and of course, theatre and cinema. And if you are at it 'big time' like myself, get some philosophy, mathematics and computers too, into your academic curriculum; in fact, get as much as you can from your university education - it will probably be the last chance to do so!
Acting is a tough thing to do, at least it was for me when you tried it for the first time; of course, unless you're a natural at it - one very famous and natural style actor that comes to mind is Spencer Tracy, an actor's actor, from the American classical school of cinema. But if I were you and the chance came about to attend an 'acting school,' I'd attend either of two schools in New City, one is the academic institution of the Juilliard School of the Arts, for dance, drama, and music; while the other is more in line with professional career folks, but it is still open to the younger crowd, if you have the recognized talent to get in, and this place is the famous 'Actor's Studio.' Indeed, I know much of the latter since it is where one of my favorite film acting teachers went to, when she was a young prospective student-actress; her name is Carole Zucker, PhD in film studies from NYU - you may find her still active on the Internet!
Good luck Vinay with your college and university studies, if you choose to go down that route; and I'll see you here in Hollywood, California, where I am presently located - else I'll see you in India, or even China, for the global movie industry is about to change territories, moving toward these major world centers, if not already. Bye, bye! Best wishes!!