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Paul’s Avatar
Paul Dec 17, 2016 7604 views

Can someone proofread my college transfer essay?

Essay prompt: Please provide a statement that addresses your reasons for transferring and the objectives you hope to achieve. You can type directly into the box, or you can paste text from another source. (250-650 words) I have always challenged myself academically, I have taken advanced...

Ashley’s Avatar
Ashley May 21, 2016 1170 views

What's one good piece of advice you'd give to an actor to be successful during college?

I feel like I don't know enough about what it takes to succeed college as an actor. I want to be successful in and out of college. Actors have a hard road ahead of them but it would be great to know the best things for the actor to do to achieve both professional and personal success. Thank...

vinay kanth’s Avatar
vinay kanth May 03, 2016 1360 views

I want to become a film actor , what are process for it?

I have completed SSLC, Interested in acting

Gabrielle’s Avatar
Gabrielle May 16, 2016 1231 views

How difficult is it to obtain a major in film and media?

I'm majoring in film studies. #film #television

Leion’s Avatar
Leion Sep 04, 2016 1483 views

How do I become an actor?

Where are the best schools for acting, can anyone help me with this? #film #theatre #actor #film-production #film-acting #actors #actoruniversity

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Aug 22, 2016 1310 views

Do film studies majors cover the production side of film?

Several colleges i have looked at don't have film production as a major which i would prefer, however they have film studies. Would a film studies major still cover the technical and production side of film? #film #film-production

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Aug 19, 2016 1107 views

What can/ should i do while i am still in high school to help prepare me for a career in film or broadcasting?

I am planning on taking a course in one of the two once i enter college and pursue a career within the major i choose. I am wondering i can do to prepare and for this and gain more knowledge and experience in either. #film #film-production #broadcast-television #sports-broadcasting

Kathryn’s Avatar
Kathryn Jun 14, 2016 1385 views

What are some good jobs to get as a teenager?

I've never had a real job before, other than babysitting. It's hard to fill out a resume when you don't have any experience, and I'm not sure where to start. Some of my interests include theatre, running (track and field), and writing, so any jobs involving these things would probably be great...

Eliah’s Avatar
Eliah Jun 01, 2016 1388 views

I am interested in Reading and Language Arts. What careers would fit me?

I am not sure what I want to do for a career. #writing #reading #language-arts

leah’s Avatar
leah May 27, 2016 1089 views

Is it appropriate to network online?

I want to work in the field of journalism and the coolest thing about this industry is that it's already accessible to me. It's so easy to find writers that I admire and follow them on social media. Often I have questions about the websites they write for or I'm just interested in things they...

Liya’s Avatar
Liya May 27, 2016 1243 views

Is it a good idea to get a journalism degree if you're not so sure you want to be a journalist?

My college has a great journalism major, but I'm not sure yet if I want to stick with journalism as my career path. I know I want to do something writing-related, but that could include newspapers, magazines, scripts, blogging, publishing, editing, even copyediting is something I'm interested...

Mario’s Avatar
Mario May 26, 2016 1290 views

What careers can I get with an English Degree?

English is the major I am pursuing in college. I like reading and writing. #professor #university #graduate #writing #english

Morgan’s Avatar
Morgan May 26, 2016 1422 views

How would one go about pursuing writing while pursuing mathematic/scientific majors?

I love to write, and I want to do much with it (perhaps like Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner and their freakonomics books), but I'm pursuing degrees in statistics and earth sciences. How might I manage to still forge a semi career out of those fields? Of course, the obvious, do the...

Charles’s Avatar
Charles May 22, 2016 1132 views

How do I properly convey my filmmaking visions, and to whom?

Independent filmmaking is taking the world by storm, the internet age promoting positive advertisement, wild kickstarter projects, and a wide berth for viewing. I have so many ideas for feature-length documentaries and narrative shorts, ideas solidified in scripts and outlines. I'm simply not...

Jaslene ’s Avatar
Jaslene May 18, 2016 1034 views

What is a specific major for acting, directing, and writing for theater & television

I want to major in all of the things above when I go to college 🤓 #writing #english #actor #television #theater #directing