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Traverse City, MI
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Charles V. May 22, 2016 699 views

How do I properly convey my filmmaking visions, and to whom?

Independent filmmaking is taking the world by storm, the internet age promoting positive advertisement, wild kickstarter projects, and a wide berth for viewing. I have so many ideas for feature-length documentaries and narrative shorts, ideas solidified in scripts and outlines. I'm simply not...

writing presenting documentary-series film-production screenwriting film pitching film-making

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Charles V. May 22, 2016 735 views

As a creative moving from a small town to a large city, what's the most important use of my time this summer?

I'm a small town writer/filmmaker, and I plan to transfer to Columbia College Chicago. Should I be indulging my creative side, or working on more practical skills, like business, communication, and finances (or simply learning to shop for groceries, fix a car, cook better food)? I am employed...

writing portfolio-management film-production creative-management time-management screenwriting film creative