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How difficult is it to obtain a major in film and media?

I'm majoring in film studies. #film #television

Hey there! I'm not majoring in any of those but I think it's much more easier for you to pass those classes if you really love whatchu doing. I used to take art and it was in those fields. I don't c anything difficult in those majors. Best wishes! But it only requires hard working and critical thinking Ashleigh T.

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4 answers

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Wael’s Answer

Everything is relative. Running a mile should not be a big deal if you are healthy; however, it would if you are not.

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Mark’s Answer

Okay, Gabrielle, just ask yourself if you enjoy telling a story from your thoughts and feelings and memories? Does anybody appreciate listening? Then ask why the film and media would be your goal? Is it because of your hope for money or the inner dream you've had since a child? When I took my first class in screenwriting at the Santa Rosa JC, only three of us who could care less about signing contracts for millions kept returning to learn more. May your best wishes become true.

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Sara’s Answer

Radio Film and Media is typically a part of the communications school of many universities. I would say that it is all dependent on how your brain works - if you're super analytical, this major may be difficult and unfulfilling, but if you're more creative minded, it may be right up your alley. It is depending on your preferences and how hard you're willing to work on any major.

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David’s Answer

"Ma chere Jolie Femme, Gabrielle P., vous avez demande une Bonne Question," says he in the French; so why would I address you this way, when you've essentially asked me how to get into a career in film and media, after you've already started a major in film studies?
The answer is simple, for I have essentially done what are seemingly doing now, that is, trying to springboard from film studies into film production - in other words, from what I immediately understand, you are trying to get into film school.
First, if you have any foreign languages under your belt, keep on practicing them digilently, for they'll help you along your way into the film industry. In fact, Hollywood producers love foreign film writers and directors, even out of country producers, because they carry with them a kind of exotic sensibility about cinema, which adds to the allure of high art filmmaking and that the public seems to have always liked according to the history I have read. And this aesthetic quality makes them valuable with regards to the production of cinema.
Second, be proud of your own cultural heritage, may it be American, European, Arabian, Persian, or even Asian; for cinema is now a global community and it has always been so. The cultural nuances of your artistic persona is the cash cow that you will use to root your ideas in the process of making films that people may want to watch - that too is what I have found about the people who love film.
Thirdly, you got to free yourself of any the illusions about making it 'big' in the movies, of fame and glory, status and respect; for you need to make a Faustian contract with yourself. Because deep inside your restless soul, figuratively speaking, if I am right about you, Gabrielle P., there are two spiritual forces in conflict. One of these dueling spirits says that you need to conform to what society expects of you, that is, and maybe they're right; in the time that you are given, you need to get through your university studies, after which you must get some kind of job, possibly any kind of job, as soon as possible so that you don't become a burden to others with the money - sarcastically speaking, you need to get on your own gravy train, get married, have kids, and become a good tax payers, like the ideal of a good citizen. The other spirit of this duality says, in no better words "The hell with such conventional social norms, free your mind instead, and become what your heart tells you 'that you truly are.'"
If you are like me, Girl, a risk taker whom cares not if his or her soul has been sold to the devil, for there is only one thing and one thing only in life - and that is 'to make high art.' Well, if in this sacrilege you have decided upon, and like myself you take that uncertain Zeno path, which is altogether very dangerous career-wise; because if you fail at walking it to its progressive destination, you dead Lady! But if you succeed in making it, like the tortoise did in its slow infinite regress, well my Sweet, you never regret it - I promise you! Best of luck in jumping into film school, Gabrielle P., because if I did it, you can too - for I have walked the 'Line,' walked it down Zeno's trail, and I have arrive to where birds fly free; moreover, I will be waiting for you with greeting arms where you ought to be! Namaste Gabrielle P.