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I am interested in Reading and Language Arts. What careers would fit me?

I am not sure what I want to do for a career. #writing #reading #language-arts

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4 answers

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David’s Answer

Okay! Back from the 1st round of the US tennis open qualifiers being held this week in Claremont, California. Today, I have a question by Eliah U., it's about a potential career in the formal languages, maybe even linguistics, with lots of reading thrown in, paraphrasing Eliah. By the way, I looked up the name of Eliah, not really knowing if it was a male or female name; though phonetically, it sounded male to me. Eliah's root name, in slang representation, refers to a male sex god. Excellent Eliah U.!

Now, Eliah does not know if he should follow a career in the formal languages, and I'm sure that includes linguistics. Well, from my cinematic and literary experience in structural and post-structural linguistics, especially in the areas of semiotics, I can tell him, as well as all of you, probably mostly young folks, wondering what to do with your lives, that semiotic linguistics, and maybe for those of you, more vocal individuals, communicatively inclined, that the areas of formal spoken languages, as Chinese and Spanish are now very popular in the US, are a good way to go for a professional career. Believe me that is true!

Yet, you will have to compete fiercely in this high density, linguistic field. But for those of you that like "translation and transcription," there's lots if monies to be made. I know this for a fact, as one of my good friend's live-in roommate, is such a successful translator, working out of the city of Montreal, QC. Thus, my advice to you, Eliah, my god-like friend, is to go for broke with a formal language or linguistic career. Good to you, et au revoir mon bon ami!!

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Brian P. D.’s Answer

Your skills and interest in reading and/or language could be put to use in any of the following career fields:

Journalist (newspapers, magazines, websites, television and radio)
Publishing (magazines, journals, books, newsletters)
Public Relations (spokesperson, media contact, press release writer)
Government (representative, spokesperson, grant writing, speech writing, issues research)
Volunteer/Community/Nonprofit Organizations
Arts Organizations
Fundraising (sometimes called "Development")
Academic Research - history, psychology, sociology, literature or any other liberal arts field

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Rebecca’s Answer

If you want to share that love of reading then being a librarian is an option. There are many types of librarians. You can work at a public library and focus on early literary and help kids learn to read. There are also school librarians aka school media specialists. And academic librarians who work at universities and often focus on research.

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Susan E.’s Answer

I would say the most obvious one is writing for a magazine, research, and teaching. Interested in any of those?