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Brian P. D. Hannon

Journalist / Former College English and History Teacher
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jul 20, 2023 845 views

How do I become a writer for the local paper or a local magazine?

For a while, I've been trying to find a way to become a writer. I've come to a place where I thought I'd try writing for the paper or a magazine. How do I do that?

Elija’s Avatar
Elija Jul 15, 2023 527 views

What kind of skills and classes could assist me in pursuing journalism ?

I’m a freshman in high school. I enjoy writing and interviewing my friends and family. So I would greatly appreciate some help to discover if this is the right fit for me.

ray’s Avatar
ray May 15, 2023 605 views

how to become a writer as a 12 year old?

i want to become a writer, but i don't know where to start! please help me.

James’s Avatar
James Mar 18, 2023 278 views

What's the workflow like in journalism?

I'm a good writer and I don't think journalism would be a horrible prospect, but I can imagine that it can be strenuous what with breaking news. How tough do the scriveners of careervillage find their profession?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 11, 2023 752 views

What type of job is best for me and how do I decide?

I want to find a job where I can visit and learn about different cultures and environments. I love writing, being in and helping nature, helping others, and learning & experiencing new things. With those who are in fields with similar aspirations as I, what are your professions and how did you...

Za'Mare’s Avatar
Za'Mare Oct 18, 2022 383 views

When you were in highschool did you start getting into writing or did you realize in college?

When you were in highschool did you start getting into writing or did you realize in college?

Nada’s Avatar
Nada Jan 10, 2022 561 views

Any good ideas for what to mojor or minor with journalism? It's my dream to study it but I want to have have something to fall back on.

I'm not really good at math or sciences but I would like to be able to find something that is somehow interlinked with english or journalism so I can maybe use both of them together to help me get a job since i've heard its hard to find one. Thanks in advance and any ideas are appreciated....

Jinan’s Avatar
Jinan Nov 13, 2021 711 views

How can you choose what type of journalism you would like to qualify in?

Hi, I'm Jinan and I want to be a journalist however, I don't exactly understand how you can end up in the type of journalism you would like to qualify in. I would like to become a field journalist and report not only breaking news, but cultural and religious stories and ideas. #journalism...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica May 24, 2021 1399 views

As a Journalist, how would you handle a hostile or uncooperative interviewee?

I am doing a career bog project and trying to get insight on how do Journalists handle hostile or uncooperative interviewees.
#journalism #journalist

Jazzmin’s Avatar
Jazzmin Mar 17, 2015 4704 views

Can I still become a journalist or work in that field, even if I study history in college?

I am a high school senior who wants to study history in college. I have been debating what career I might see myself in after college, and something with writing or journalism is one of them. #journalism #journalist

Dejah’s Avatar
Dejah Mar 16, 2021 733 views

What should I study in college in order to become a journalist?

I'm a 9th grader interested in becoming a news journalist. I wanted to know what college courses I should take in order to pursue this career. #journalism #journalist #media

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Aug 26, 2020 981 views

What are some good careers for people interested in history, writing, and journalism?

I am currently a college student, and I am not sure what career I want to pursue. I am interested in multiple subjects including writing, history, and journalism. Is there a career that combines these things? What are some of the best careers in these subjects?
#history #writing #career

Siva’s Avatar
Siva Mar 05, 2020 625 views

How do I start off working in the media?

Hi I am interested and fascinated by the things that go on in the media more than anything and I believe that is where my passion lies but am so nervous of failing and ending up with nothing. #acting #theater #art #media #writing

Libby’s Avatar
Libby Nov 20, 2019 536 views

What are some important steps to take in order to have a career in writing?

I'm thinking of going into a writing career.


Ty'Bria’s Avatar
Ty'Bria Apr 24, 2018 795 views

What are some jobs that involve linguistics and journalism?

Well for one right now I am only a sophomore in high school and I'm kinda looking into colleges where I can study these topics. I just don't know if there is a lot that offers that in the work force #journalism #linguistics .