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Bangkok, Thailand

Within 40 mile radius
Dylia’s Avatar
Dylia Feb 26 572 views

How long does it take to become a surgical technologist?

Could you tell me the steps to becoming a surgical technologist?

Dylia’s Avatar
Dylia Feb 26 468 views

What will I do ?

Iam interested in accounting. However, I sometimes feel worried because Iam just an average at Math. Do you think I should pursue at college?

Navapa’s Avatar
Navapa Nov 10, 2021 1007 views

How to make a career transition from finance (limited work experience) to marketing?

Hi I'm Navapa, I recently graduated with master degree in finance and then I got a chance to work in a corporate bank as Relationship Officer for about 7 months now. I started to realize that I'm not a finance type of person, I didn't enjoy my job at all. I analyzed my personality and my...

Suthida’s Avatar
Suthida Feb 11, 2020 441 views

How to get an internship in a different field from your major?

I studied Intercultural Studies for my bachelors but I have experience in project management, marketing etc. however it's been difficult to get an internship outside of my field of studies.


Nut’s Avatar
Nut Aug 13, 2019 1034 views

What's physics?

fun #physics

Yu-Wei’s Avatar
Yu-Wei May 20, 2016 1280 views

Is it difficult to get in a job that involves environmental sciences or wildlife management?

I'm really into environmental sciences, but I worry that there will be limited job positions for me in this field. Can anyone point out if it's easy to find a job with these two topics, or should I go into research instead? #environmental-science #wildlife-conservation

Yu-Wei’s Avatar
Yu-Wei May 20, 2016 926 views

Can someone fill me in on what exactly Environmental Engineers do?

I am crazy about environmental sciences, but I'm not sure whether to go towards environmental engineering or environmental sciences. Im not clear as to what exactly does these two majors lead to and what they do specifically. Thank you! #environmental-science #environmental

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