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San Francisco, California
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I want to work somewhere in the arts: be it writing, filmmaking, graphic design or something else.



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James Mar 18, 2023 311 views

What's the workflow like in journalism?

I'm a good writer and I don't think journalism would be a horrible prospect, but I can imagine that it can be strenuous what with breaking news. How tough do the scriveners of careervillage find their profession?

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James Mar 13, 2023 430 views

How do you balance work with life?

Job positions in basically in all fields, the high paying ones but also the entry level ones, are highly intensive. I don't care to work my whole life, so how do you keep it even?

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James Feb 28, 2023 420 views

How do I know what part of filmmaking is best for me?

What's the deal with filmmaking? I know I'm interested in being some part of the process, but what are the requirements and types of work for different roles?