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How much writing and reading are expected?

Sometimes you can't understand what you're reading unless you break it down to annotate, and annotating takes long itself to do. Do all subjects require to do that as well?
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2 answers

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Katy’s Answer

How much reading and writing are expected will depend on the professor, the subject, and course format. I'd definitely suggest being more thorough in online classes, since you aren't getting that in-class instruction. Some professors rely on textbooks for material and test questions, and some have no text at all. I've had all kinds of professors and course formats, and I would say, just do what you have to in order to understand and retain the information, don't overdo it if you find a subject easy, and likewise don't slack off if you think you'll be able to remember things.

Katy recommends the following next steps:

Learn what you can about the course format, professor's preferences, and your personal knowledge in the first week or so of a course
Create a study plan based on those variables, possibly to include annotation, flashcards, reviewing the text or course notes
Test how your study plan works based on your performance and update/adapt if necessary
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jeff’s Answer

If writing and reading are not for you don't go to college - instead take a training program in something at a community college or a union apprenticeship, get into sales, or some other face to face job. If you want to improve reading and writing then do a lot of it. Read everyday, books, newspapers, magazines, not just on computers the internet or your phone. Then begin writing a blog, a journal, stories, anything. Get used to it. Become a writer and reader before you go to a four year college otherwise it will just be frustrating.