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Mario May 26, 2016 1283 views

What careers can I get with an English Degree?

English is the major I am pursuing in college. I like reading and writing. #professor #university #graduate #writing #english

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Mario May 26, 2016 1220 views

What was your method of finding a career after college?

Many students like myself could benefit from advice on how to enter the job market. #career #university #graduate #career-paths #work #employment

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Mario May 24, 2016 934 views

How hard is it to have a job while attending university?

I might have to work as I attend classes. #teacher #student #graduate

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Mario May 22, 2016 728 views

What are some good budget strategies for paying for college?

I'm a student who's not rich #college #university #student

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Mario May 19, 2016 772 views

My question is about teaching after college. What is some helpful information/advice you would give about pursuing a career as a professor, or a teacher in secondary education?

I have pursued my major with the option to teach, and would really appreciate some additional information from the experienced: teachers, professors, graduates pursuing a career in teaching etc. #teaching #teacher #professor #university #graduate-school #graduate

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Mario May 19, 2016 911 views

What do you do when you're in college and are undecided about majors? What helps you choose?

I am an indecisive student. #college #teaching #college-major #university #student #undecided

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Mario May 16, 2016 941 views

Let's say I pursue an M.A. and want to get into a more prestigious university. What kinds of things do M.A. programs look for from applicants?

I'm thinking about pursuing my master's degree in another university after graduating #professor #graduate-school #graduate #academic-advising #graduate-recruitment #administrative-work

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Mario May 15, 2016 832 views

I am pretty committed to my major, English.. But What might be some good minors to combine with it, or to have in general? Thanks!

I'm a student debating whether or not to invest time in a minor alongside my bachelor's #teaching #teacher #professor #student #graduate

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Mario May 13, 2016 1014 views

When is the best time to pursue graduate school? Should it be immediately after getting my B.A.? Or should I wait?

I will graduate soon, and I don't know if I should add experience to my resume before getting I apply for a Master's program. #teacher #professor #graduate-school #graduate

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Mario May 11, 2016 1070 views

I want to establish myself as a writer after college. What might be a viable means of getting my work out there, building my name, etc?

I am an English Major. Although I don't expect to make a quick career out of writing, my wish is to write long after my education is done. #teacher #writing #english #writer #fiction

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Mario May 09, 2016 929 views

What happens if I get a college degree, but have no experience outside the classroom?

I ask because this because I am a full-time student, spending all my time on class work, but do not know if employers will look for something else besides a degree from me. #graduate #employer