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Pomona, California

Within 40 mile radius
Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. 17 hours ago 23 views

What is Entrepreneurship?

I know what it means but i don't fully understand it. How do you become a good one. How do you make a lot of money but then help people at the same time.

A E.’s Avatar
A E. May 15 73 views

Which sectors/companies in the business field ask for grades, which don't?

Im new to the village and I have been reading posts about companies like the Big 4 Firms. There is responses that when hiring, they value class grades specifically in accounting. I was wondering how much importance goes to grades, and if there is any changes in different companies or sectors....

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. 17 hours ago 13 views

What would i major in to become a good entrepreneur?

I dont know what to major in even though one of the options is entrepreneurship. Do I choose that as a major or something else.

Andrew M.’s Avatar
Andrew M. 17 hours ago 7 views

What classes in college do you need to take to become a successful business owner?

I want to own a business due to sports. And I want to run more things that help people. And I want to know what classes I need to take to be able to do that.

Ruben D.’s Avatar
Ruben D. 19 hours ago 12 views

What are some helpful tips or advice you can give to someone that wants to learn the trade of being an electrician?

I’m interested in the electrician occupation but am unsure of what to expect and since I don’t know anyone who has worked or has worked as an electrician I figured it would be best to ask here.

salvador M.’s Avatar
salvador M. Jan 04 125 views

what was the process in attaining a position as a web administrator/developer?

Starting my training at job corps and want more information about the computer tech industry. #information-technology

Ethan H.’s Avatar
Ethan H. Aug 31, 2021 301 views

What is the easiest program in the Industry to learn VFX or 3D?

I NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!!!!! #Job #3D #VFX #design #graphic-design #game-design #technology #computer

Helen H.’s Avatar
Helen H. Sep 01, 2017 2263 views

What are some careers that combine STEM fields, the arts, and the humanities?

I am incredibly interested in these fields, and am also quite indecisive/unsure about what major(s) to pursue. I'd like to be alerted to any existing career paths that combine these elements.

#stem #women-in-stem #art #humanities

Brayan C.’s Avatar
Brayan C. Sep 22, 2021 200 views

How long will it take for one to become a pharmacist?

I'm considering this career. I am 16 years old and want to know further about what it takes to become a pharmacist. #pharmacist

Alyssa H.’s Avatar
Alyssa H. Mar 16 77 views

What Kind of problems do you mainly run into throughout a work week?

My name is Alyssa I am curious to find out what accident repairs are dealt with the most when working in a collision repair shop and how its handled on busy days.

Leah R.’s Avatar
Leah R. Oct 21, 2015 1488 views

How many years are required for neonatal nursing?

I would like to know how many years I would be spending in college #nursing #nursing-education #neonatal

Mayra M.’s Avatar
Mayra M. Oct 29, 2020 185 views

I don't know what is better a registered nurse or pediatric nurse

I am 15 years old going to be 16 next month. I do like to be near children and I do have a lot of experience with baby and toddlers. I like helping others when I can. in my free time I like to relax and watch movies with my brothers and sister. I also like going outside and take my two dogs fo...

Kimberly G.’s Avatar
Kimberly G. Dec 25, 2021 481 views

What kind of internships should I seek out as a Business-Economics Major?

Hello, I am currently a business-economics major at the University of California-Los Angeles, and I am looking for internships for the upcoming summer. Also looking to minor in accounting. As of now, I'm a bit unsure of what internships I should be looking for as I want to get internships...

Diego P.’s Avatar
Diego P. Sep 28, 2013 1928 views

Is it hard to have a boss?

Hi my name is Diego and I'm a freshman. I want to know if it's hard to have a boss. Do you have to do whatever they say, and is it hard to do things you don't agree with? I don't really like doing everything my teachers always say all the time, but I do it anyway because I want good grades. And...

Mihiduni E.’s Avatar
Mihiduni E. Feb 18 161 views

What is the procedure to get the California state license as an assistant audiologist?

I have completed Bsc. in Audiology (Sri Lanka) and have 4 years experience as a clinical audiologist in Sri Lanka. Recently I have moved to California and expecting to start my career here. #audiology #career

Giovanna S.’s Avatar
Giovanna S. Aug 04, 2020 245 views

What are the different kinds of nurses

I want to be a nurse but I do not know the different kinds of nurses there are. #nursing

Andre N.’s Avatar
Andre N. Feb 23 233 views

What are good singing exercises that will help in the future?

I would like to know just some easy exercises that can help better my voice for the future. #career #music #singer #singing #music-production #music-industry

Elisa C.’s Avatar
Elisa C. Mar 21 129 views

Clinical Medical Assistant to Registered Nurse

does anyone have any experience going from CMA to RN? that is the path I am interested in taking but I want to know that it is possible (oppose to doing the CNA to RN route) Any tips or advice on this process? anything helps

Mayra N.’s Avatar
Mayra N. May 28, 2015 939 views

How many years of college you need to be a medical assistant?

i am junior in oscar de la hoya animo charter high school and i want to know how long it will take to be a medical assistant to be financial prepared #college #medicine #university #medicine-assistant #years

Nayeli L.’s Avatar
Nayeli L. Apr 14, 2020 558 views

Should I transfer to a different college that has a BS in Nursing Science?

I'm currently a freshman at UCSD, and not to long ago I decided to pursue a career in nursing, however, my college doesn't have a BS in nursing. I am a human biology major and was wondering if I should stick with that and then go to nursing school or if I should transfer to another college that...

jacqueline M.’s Avatar
jacqueline M. Mar 31 73 views

How many hours does a medical assistant do while working in a hospital ?

I'm young with not much experience or knowledge about my career path choice and would like to learn.

Joselyn R.’s Avatar
Joselyn R. Jan 16, 2021 531 views

What kind of law did you study/are you practicing, and why?

I am in my junior year of college and will be applying to law schools next year. I have no idea what law I want to do and I am concerned because I know I should at least narrow it down so that I can choose the law school that best matches me. #law #legal #lawyer #attorney #law-school #lawyers...

Sophia P.’s Avatar
Sophia P. Mar 16 240 views

Do most professional business careers require you to go to college?

I am interested in the business field but not sure what area specifically. I am taking a gap year and deciding whether it would be better to go straight into the work force or apply to a university.

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