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Career Questions tagged Administrative Work

Alicia’s Avatar
Alicia Feb 13, 2018 780 views

Certificate in Administrative Assistant worth it?

I’m currently enrolled in college to get a certificate on Administrative Assistant but I’ve seen the job postings and mostly all of them say Masters or they need previous experience. Would I need to get an Associate in Administrative Assistant?

#administrative #administrative-work

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer May 18, 2016 871 views

A question for dentists: would you recommend working in an administrative position in a dental office before starting your own practice?

Hello! My name is Jennifer, and I am a pre-dental student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I was wondering if any dentists would advise pre-dental students to seek administrative positions in dental offices to learn more about the "business" side of running a practice. My general dentist...

Mario’s Avatar
Mario May 16, 2016 841 views

Let's say I pursue an M.A. and want to get into a more prestigious university. What kinds of things do M.A. programs look for from applicants?

I'm thinking about pursuing my master's degree in another university after graduating #professor #graduate-school #graduate #academic-advising #graduate-recruitment #administrative-work