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What do you do when you're in college and are undecided about majors? What helps you choose?

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Does your school have a career center or placement office that offers counseling or testing to give you some feedback or help you see a pattern to your interests? If so, that can be one place to start. Matching what you love best with your personality and preferred work environment is like a funnel of information that will eventually distill into a good choice for you. Do your friends or family often remark that you'd be perfect at "this"? That can be good food for thought, too. Try to talk with and/or visit/shadow people who are in occupations that you think might be a match with things that interest you. Trying out a job on an internship may be another way to test an interest area. Bottom line: What do you love learning, talking, and knowing about the most, in your life? What job/jobs would allow you to experience that every day?
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Hi Mario!

You might want to ask you favorite teachers and your school counselor to indicate into which fields they might see you fitting. You could then participate in coop and intern and shadowing programs to experience those fields and go to the alumni relations office of your school to meet graduates of your school who are doing those things, so that you could experience them and see how they got there.

Best of luck! Please keep me informed. If would like to follow your progress.

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