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How do I become an actor?

Where are the best schools for acting, can anyone help me with this? #film #theatre #actor #film-production #film-acting #actors #actoruniversity

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4 answers

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Sheila’s Answer

Hello Leion: I agree with the comments you've already received. I'd like to add that although the path to becoming an actor may vary, here are five steps that you can take to become an actor:

Steps to Becoming an Actor

Step #1 - Take Classes

Step #2 - Gain Professional Experience

Step #3 - Acquire Additional Skills

Step #4 - Find an Agent

Step #5 - Advance in the Field

*Source: Study.com


Although I have no acting experience, it appears that you've already received some good advice on this in the previous responses. Go for it. :)

Best of Luck to You!

Sheila recommends the following next steps:

Research study.com https://study.com/articles/Acting_Career_Information_Becoming_an_Actor_or_Actress.html
Research US Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook so you could get a full statistical view on the profession https://www.bls.gov/ooh/entertainment-and-sports/actors.htm#tab-4
Remember to bookmark the links I've provided and any other resources you find during your search

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David’s Answer

Dear Adakis E.: I sure hope that I'm spelling your name right, but if I haven't please forgive me. If no one wants to give you a clear answer, I will. Try going to this particular actor school, it is called the "Julliard School," it is one of the top dramatic arts school in the United States. It is located in the Lincoln Center on the upper Westside of New York City. It has been around for decades; in fact, it was established in 1905 as a premier music school, but soon became a top notch school for all the fine arts. If you go there, Adakis, and graduate with honors; well, you have a career of careers in front of you, I promise you. Go ahead and apply, and see what happens. Write me back for more information about your query. Bye and good luck, Adakis!

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Bob’s Answer

That's a great question, and quite large in scope. I can't answer it specifically, as the answer partially lies in whether you are looking for a university degree in theatre arts/drama, or in private courses outside of the academic world. In searching out good schools, conduct an online search to see what schools and courses fit your needs and expectations. Of course it will include schools in both New York and Los Angeles however don't discount other geographic areas as there are many fine schools across the country. If there are theatre companies in your area, contact them for insights as well. All the best of luck.

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Gustavo’s Answer

"How do you become an Actor?"

If you are a High School or College student- I recommend you enroll in Theater classes. Whether you want to pursue it in the future- that's entirely up to you; you MUST really want this- because, if you would rather do something else rather than "acting" - do that "something" else. If you find yourself lost and empty if you are not an Actor- #1 priority - pack your stuff and move to LA if you haven't done so already; enroll in commercial/ acting-workshop for beginners. I wish you luck with you Journey.