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Martin’s Avatar
Martin May 30, 2017 1011 views

Are there any good colleges for Film or Photography in the West Coast

I am aiming for a degree in Photography or Film, and I want to know if there are any colleges in the western coast of the United States and even Canada. #film #photography #digital-photography

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 07, 2017 1249 views

What is a good entry level job in Post-Production?

I'm a film student interested in editing and I wanted to get a summer job. Most people say that 1st Assistant Editor is an entry level job, but it actually requires a lot of skill to be the 1st assistant and still being on my first at university I don't think I'm ready for such responsibility....

Ursula’s Avatar
Ursula Apr 03, 2017 1126 views

How to get work expirience in my area of study while I'm still studying?

Hi, I'm a Motion Picture Arts student, I want to pursue a career in editing, I have no experience in this area beside from university and my own projects. My plan is to try to have a membership at IATSE 891, to do that I have to first become a Permittee. Last week I went to a career fair at my...

Annalise’s Avatar
Annalise Jan 09, 2017 823 views

What career should I choose if I want to be a special effects make-up artist.

I am asking this question because it has been in my interest for about 4 or 5 years and I am having trouble trying to talk to someone who has done it for a while and tell me what it is like. #film #film-production #makeup #special-effects #make-up-artist #technogy

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Nov 22, 2016 1387 views

Communication vs. Film and Television Major

What is the differences between the two majors? What can I do with a communication major vs a film major and vise versa.

Thanks! #journalism #communications #film #film-production #sports-journalism #broadcast-journalism #film-making #film-editing

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Oct 31, 2016 846 views

Major and Minors regarding environmental science

I am thinking about majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in film and a minor in business. Does this seem absurd? #film #environmental-science

Jeffery’s Avatar
Jeffery Oct 22, 2016 1412 views

Graduate School: Is it worthwhile when going into the Film making Industry?

For some industries, graduate school is more important that others. I may consider taking a graduate program over the years once I finish undergraduate school. However, after undergraduate school what's the best route? #film #entertainment #film-production #movies #cinematography #film-editing

Madeleine’s Avatar
Madeleine Oct 24, 2016 873 views

Can I get a job with a Film studies career? If so, what kind of jobs could I get?

should I actually make films instead? #film

Kamryn’s Avatar
Kamryn May 13, 2016 1043 views

What types of class would you recommend taking to become a film director? Would you suggest traveling abroad for a semester?

I would like to know what classes to take to better my college experience and give me the best opportunities and skills to be a successful film director. #business #art #film #travel #classes #movies

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 24, 2016 1099 views

How much experience and Knowledge do you need to major in film and media production?

I am interested in majoring and film and media production. The only experience I have is filming and editing youtube videos. Other than that I don't know a whole lot. How much experience do I need to major in this and is there something I should be doing to prepare myself for this major?...

Gabriela’s Avatar
Gabriela May 17, 2016 1261 views

When can I start to apply for internships inside the Film Studies field?

This question is because there are many internships for film majors but some of them ask for certain experience or will be admitted once the applicant had completed at least half of its bachelor. Is this the case for every internship or most of them? #film #internship #studies #cinematography...

Jocelyn’s Avatar
Jocelyn May 19, 2016 1178 views

Any advice for someone who is planning to major in film?

I have recently decided to major in film production but I continuously receive comments about the competitiveness within the film industry especially for women, at times this makes me second guess my major. Is there any advice or information I should know before I take this on? #film...

Lissy’s Avatar
Lissy May 27, 2016 1329 views

In a career path as competitive as film, how do you stay unintimidated and focused?

I've had a dream to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember, and make my own films whenever possible. It's no secret that getting into the business is extremely hard, and often times if you do not have the right networking or connections your dreams can quickly seem unreachable. For this...

alisha’s Avatar
alisha May 14, 2016 1337 views

what major would be best suited to attain the job of an animated movie/t.v. storyboard director?

this is actually my dream job so i want to be prepared for when i start applying to colleges. #film #animation #television #video #anime #art-director

Gwenevere ’s Avatar
Gwenevere Aug 11, 2016 3831 views

Film production versus film studies

What kind of careers are available from the two different areas of film degrees? #film