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In a career path as competitive as film, how do you stay unintimidated and focused?

Asked Coventry, Rhode Island

I've had a dream to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember, and make my own films whenever possible. It's no secret that getting into the business is extremely hard, and often times if you do not have the right networking or connections your dreams can quickly seem unreachable. For this reason, I propose the question, how do you stay unintimidated by the competition that may surround me in this field? #film #networking #director #video #producer #cinema #focused

5 answers

Paul’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

My experience has been that "being yourself" is the best way to proceed. If you do what you like and what you're good at, the "competition" will not be a concern. YOU can be the competition for others after you get some experience, but that is going to take time.
Yes, "getting into the business" is hard, but if you're willing to work at it, start at the bottom and stick with it until you gain some experience and connections, it can be done. Speaking of "connections", you will make those in EVERY interaction you have. Pay attention to everyone you meet, and try to stay in touch, however loosely, as you continue in your career. "Connections" are just the people you know and the people who know you. Go for it!

Korey’s Answer

Updated Grapevine, Texas

Great question. The trick is not to worry about the competition. There will always be someone that you feel is better than you. What you are really looking for is a unique perspective that only you could bring to the table. Look for something that everyone else may miss in telling a story. In regard staying focused we all loose it some times, but you will find it again when you remind yourself that this was the thing you were created to do!

Good Luck!

Hank’s Answer

Updated Ocean Shores, Washington

It's the Everest of creative endeavors.

You don't stay unintimidated. You fight to stay focused. It's hard. And it never gets easy.

Otherwise everybody would be doing it.

So if you really, really want it, keep climbing. :-)

Mark’s Answer

Updated Sacramento, California

Yes, Lissy, as Paul and Korey has explained, you've got to be confident and capable of working another job to pay your monthly bills. Then communicate through the networking of Twitter and Facebook, and attend parties, and be ready to impress some pro in an elevator. Best wishes.

Bob’s Answer

Updated Beaverton, Oregon

All the above answers really address the issue well. Additionally, find one area of expertise (whether it's writing, directing or a craft) and focus on it, learning as much as you can about it, not only the appropriate technical aspects, but how it's evolved through the history of filmmaking. This will make you a stronger storyteller. Also, your overall attitude is critical. Confidence is important, but never let your ego get in the way, always be a student of film, throughout your career. Best of luck!