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Any advice for someone who is planning to major in film?

Asked Rialto, California

I have recently decided to major in film production but I continuously receive comments about the competitiveness within the film industry especially for women, at times this makes me second guess my major. Is there any advice or information I should know before I take this on? #film #television #director #producer #cinematography

4 answers

Rich’s Answer

Updated Los Angeles, California

Film and TV are very competitive, and you can find yourself working long hours under difficult conditions. That said, it can also be very rewarding and a ton of fun. If it's something you love, then you should not let the difficulties deter you. There are always plenty of entry level jobs on shows as a production assistant, so you can see if you enjoy the art and science of making movies during school, and then go work on a big set during the summers or breaks to see how you like the business. A film degree can lead to movies, TV, advertising, digital, writing, and more - so really explore the various gigs as much as you can. It may take a while to find the best fit for you.

As for being a woman, never let others stop you from achieving your goals. I've worked with and for many women in the industry, and while they did have to work hard, they've made great movies and shows and enjoyed doing it. Unless your parents are famous or powerful, everyone starts at the bottom, and the hardest workers are the ones that stand out and move up.

Kendall’s Answer

Updated Walnut Creek, California

Hi Jocelyn,

The entire entertainment industry is very competitive (so are many other industries!), and women DO often have a harder time breaking in. BUT, that should make you MORE excited about the challenge and determined to succeed. We need all the female filmmakers we can get. If you're a hard worker, and passionate about what you're doing, you will find a way to do it. Probably not without some stumbles and doubts along the way - but everyone has those moments, and they ultimately make you a better, more creative person.

Here are just a few female film producers (you probably know most or all of them already) to check out if you want to feel inspired: Drew Barrymore, Nina Jacobsen, Diablo Cody, Marti Noxon, Karyn Kusama, Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola, Nora Ephron, Penny Marshall, etc...

Best of luck!

phillip’s Answer

Updated Austin, Texas

No matter what you choose, you will need to have confident in yourself. If you love doing film go ahead and do it. Just believe in yourself and the rest will work out. Be confident, truthful to yourself ,patience, flexible, and you will go far in life.

Bob’s Answer

Updated Beaverton, Oregon

If filmmaking and storytelling is your passion, don't second-guess your major. You have to go for it or you may regret not having pursued it. And never let gender create any self-doubt. Your talent will become apparent to others. Yes, breaking into the industry is extremely difficult and competitive and time-consuming, so don't be discouraged. Best of luck!