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Career Questions tagged Stage Management

Heiry’s Avatar
Heiry Jan 03, 2018 644 views

I'm in 7th grade. I'm interested in the career of Theater and arts. What skills do I need to improve in order to achieve my goal

What skills will help me to get better at theater and arts
#theatre #arts #performing-arts #theater #stage-management

Jeffery’s Avatar
Jeffery Nov 01, 2016 816 views

Is taking Drama at my school a worthwhile club when perusing film making?

I think that by taking Drama I may gain some insights film making (acting, blocking, lights, etc). However, what role can Drama play in helping me become a better potential film maker #film-production #film-acting #video-production #drama #stage-management #studio-lighting

Raegan’s Avatar
Raegan May 23, 2016 590 views

Is there any particularly good way to intern or get experience in stage management?

I want to be a stage manager, but I don't know too much about how to prepare for the career. #musical-theatre #broadway #stage-management

Raegan’s Avatar
Raegan May 23, 2016 1398 views

How competitive is the job market among Stage Managers?

I want to go to school to be a stage manager, but I'm wanting to know how hard it is to get a job after graduating #theatre #musical-theatre #stage-management #performing-arts #acting

Jill’s Avatar
Jill May 21, 2016 1056 views

Are there internships or non-competitive jobs that will help an actor make connections, build up a resume, and find opportunities?

I am an aspiring musical theatre actor, and I want to know how I can use my skills and time before I graduate high school and college to get ahead. #internships #acting #theatre #musical-theatre #broadway #stage-management #audition #theater-tech #personal-development #job-application

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony May 10, 2016 1010 views

Is it necessary to have a masters degree in todays times to really get a job?

I am going to school for Theater Performance and due to the field of study and alumni connections it is smarter at this point to go to the " more prestigious institution". The majority of my big student loans will be from these 4 years. How necessary will be be to continue with my masters...