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Career Questions tagged Fiction Writing

Carolyn B.’s Avatar
Carolyn B. May 18, 2016 937 views

What jobs besides fiction author could I use an English degree with specialization in creative writing for?

I've always had narrow interest revolving around fictional/fantasy ideas but I know that it's rather difficult to become successful in that area though I will try. I want to have some sort of back up plan if things don't work out for me that has at least some of my interest involved. english...

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Christopher  V.’s Avatar
Christopher V. Mar 23, 2015 977 views

How to become a successful writer?

In want to learn how to become a successful and noticeable writer. Also, knowing what could give me of a better chance to getting published. author journalist fiction fiction-writing novel-writer...


Samantha D.’s Avatar
Samantha D. Mar 31, 2014 1103 views

What are the best parts about being a writer for young adults and teens?

I want to become a writer in fiction and fantasy, especially for teens and young adults. I am currently writing a short story and the category is fantasy, but I also want to write paranormal, romance, and utopian societies. writing creative fiction-writing...