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What should a film major do post graduating college or university?

As a film major, I worry about what may happen after I graduate. Since getting a job in film is usually based on who you know rather than what you know, what should I do to improve my chances of getting employed after college? Would you recommend summer internships? How should I make sure that I am making connections during college or university?

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2 answers

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Angela K’s Answer

Hi Clara! Do not wait to start making connections until after you graduate. Create relationships both at school and outside. I suggest you find a film professional that you admire (you might have to do some research, the big shots probably won't be easily available) and reach out for some guidance/mentorship. You might be interested in asking to shadow them, offering to assist them, or just have a nice conversation. If your city has a film society where works in progress are presented for feedback, I highly recommend that you join it and attend the screenings. That's a way for you to learn about the process and make connections, specially if you are interested in the post production part of filmmaking. Good luck!

Angela - Thank you for your answer. We need more advice like this, now more than ever! There are more than 1k unanswered questions on CV right now. Hoping you'll answer a few more this week! Jordan Rivera, Team COACH

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Steven’s Answer

Hello Clara in my childhood home of San Diego, CA. Angela laid out such a wonderful and comprehensive roadmap all I can add is a few additional riffs.

A lot of useful things can be done while you're still in film school, beyond the learning and trying out different styles and strategies part. Most undergrad film programs will make sure that you have a bit of experience at every aspect of the craft, from writing to knowing how to do every job of production, including directing, and various aspects of post-production workflow. Once you're out, you will likely have loans to pay off, and one way to take some of the pressure off immediate post-study life is to have a route to some income. While you're still in school pick one or two aspects of the filmmaking process that you really enjoy, and that others acknowledge as your strengths. Hone those skills, volunteer to assist others on their projects, expanding your expertise in these areas in the process (while piling up credits). Having a network of filmmakers who can recommend you for jobs and really excelling in one or more aspects of the craft will pay the bills, connect you to more artists, and keep opening doors. Best of luck!!!