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Nick’s Avatar
Nick Feb 10, 2020 566 views

What advice would a seasoned filmmaker give a novice for choosing the best fit when deciding on a college?


Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Dec 17, 2019 537 views

Are there skills or personality traits that lend a person to picking a role to pursue?

I am wanting to go into Film and having a hard time deciding which to focus on (Pre-Production/ Production/ Post Production).


Andrew’s Avatar
Andrew May 24, 2018 828 views

What is a good tip for someone going into the film industry?

#film-production #film #director

Marco’s Avatar
Marco May 08, 2018 568 views

What are some important skills to have as a film major?

What can I do to position myself as of right now before I go on to film school in order to set myself up to what to expect.

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 19, 2018 824 views

How do you know if you're studying the right major?

I have some days where I'm not sure if I'm doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm currently a film/tv major and it scares me sometimes when I think about other career paths that would be more profitable. #film #college-major #doubts

Clara’s Avatar
Clara Mar 21, 2018 834 views

What should a film major do post graduating college or university?

As a film major, I worry about what may happen after I graduate. Since getting a job in film is usually based on who you know rather than what you know, what should I do to improve my chances of getting employed after college? Would you recommend summer internships? How should I make sure that...

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Mar 14, 2018 554 views

How much time should I spend in volunteering on other peoples film projects while at college?

I want to know what a good balance should be #film

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis Jan 24, 2018 739 views

Are there internships for people who want to be film critics?

I will be transferring to a school in Los Angeles next semester, and I want to know if there are internship opportunities for this career there.

#film #film-critic

christian’s Avatar
christian Dec 02, 2017 1103 views

How do you become a director?

like make and #film #movies and #video #director #film-production

Kaino’s Avatar
Kaino May 27, 2016 898 views

What are the steps you should take during college to better your chances of employment in the film industry after college.

i am a senior in high school going on to college soon to study film, and i am curious to know what are the best steps to take to ensure employment in the film industry after college. #film #in #film-production #industry

Myran’s Avatar
Myran Sep 01, 2017 733 views

What type of equipment do film and audio editors use?

I am high school senior and need to know how to pursue a career in film and audio editing. #film-editing #audio-editing

Peace’s Avatar
Peace May 18, 2016 1060 views

What obstacles or mountains must an actor/actress overcome to be assigned major film roles?

I want to major in theater to improve my skills and work my way up in the film industry after college. #management #entertainment-industry #personal-development #acting #voice-acting #film

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Jun 03, 2017 1018 views

Is it possible to be accepted into competitive art schools without art extracirriculars?

Not that I necessarily want to go to an art school, but I would like to look at all possible options. I have always loved art and am self taught--where though I never had lessons or took classes, I was able to be accepted to a competitive high school to study art. However, I chose to go to a...

prasanth’s Avatar
prasanth May 25, 2016 1135 views

how can i become cinema director?

i am studying 12th arts & computer science i become a film direction #higher-education #film #movies #cinema

Devetra’s Avatar
Devetra May 16, 2017 1047 views

Where are the best film schools?

Like playing with cameras #film #camera