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How do you know if you're studying the right major?

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I have some days where I'm not sure if I'm doing what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm currently a film/tv major and it scares me sometimes when I think about other career paths that would be more profitable. #film #college-major #doubts

Follow your heart kid. If your heart is in film then you will always find a way for it to be profitable, but if your heart is elsewhere then you owe it to yourself to follow it where ever it may lead you. Good luck on all your endeavors. Sidney M.

4 answers

Steven’s Answer


Hello Jennifer K in Florida.

I think people can make a living at any career they're passionate about and also willing to work very hard. For Filmmakers we're talking very very very hard, like M.D. hard in a quite different way. Film requires a pretty diverse skill and personal quality set. Someone has to be a keen observer of people and what some call "the human condition"; they have to gravitate to storytelling, and in general they love films like crazy. They also have to be willing to work really hard and hustle, particularly when they're starting out, but that requirement never really goes away. It's a lifestyle born of love and passion and no one would call it a practical career choice. I can't begin to judge whether you're suited or not. Certainly the doubting isn't a sign of it not being a fit; instead it's a sign of common sense. I never wanted to be a banker, lawyer, cop, businessman (fill in any number of blanks.....) It's a bit of a disease, but a great way to really study the human condition and various other phenomena and try to make something truly magical. I was a bit of a phenom coming out of film school, won some awards, had an agent and a manager, and thought it would be easy from there on. It wasn't. I ended up (accidentally) teaching filmmaking for 17 years and that was great, and recently went back to making my own stuff. Everything we do takes belief, patience, and hard work.

Steven recommends the following next steps:

  • The one piece of advice I'd give you while you're still in film school (if you decide to stay the course) is to make good friends, volunteer to crew with anyone you can stand on any project that doesn't offend your values, learn all the major skill sets and associated technical requirements/apps/etc.... and always be a hard worker in all stages. A person doesn't have to turn into the next hotshot writer/director to "make it" in films. I know tons of people who are great at one aspect and make a pretty terrific living at it, as long as they keep growing in knowledge and skills, and they can get along with others. Good luck whatever you decide.

Tara’s Answer

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to discover your values. In doing so, you will be better self-aware and understand what is important to you. With an understanding of your values, you can decide where in life you will meet those needs. You may meet some values by participating in an activity in your free time, others may be necessary to incorporate into your career. The beauty is, you get to make that decision, for what is right for YOU.

Discovering your passion is a life long journey. If being passionate about your work is important to you, then always follow it. Sometimes our journey will take multiple twists and turns. We may feel lost along the way. However, if you stay true to your passions/values, you will live a rewarding life. Good luck to you!

Jordan’s Answer

If you're asking then that is your answer. You're not. Change and follow your bliss.

Jennifer’s Answer


Don't get caught up in the 'profitability' of your career. The most important aspect of your career should be your passion for what you do. Have you ever heard of the saying that goes, "If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life."? Take that to heart!