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Is Filmmaking a risky career path for minority?

The reason I ask this question is because I want to know if a minority who have an accent have a chance to be successful in this line of business. I have a accent and I been having second thought about this career choice. #business #language #film-production #film-making

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It's risky in general. I wouldn't say minority would have anything to do with it. If you can work well with others, work hard, and do good work then your race shouldn't be an issue. From what I understand what's hard about it is it's a closed community of people. So you have to hustle and develop relationships to break in. Which means developing a good reputation. To get into Hollywood,out those jobs are union. Which means gaining some experience, finding a sponsor, and applying. But once your in I think the work can be steady. Because each film project only goes from a few weeks to months, you'll find yourself freelancing and always looking for the next job. Which means you need to have a self starter mindset. Some people need a steady paycheck, others enjoy the flexibility these jobs entail. Working on a film can be long during production. 12-14 hour days I hear. Post production jobs I'm not sure.

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