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As an aspiring entrepreneur how much of my future is dictated by the stock market rather than actual product and marketing produced?

Asked Chula Vista, California

I’m asking because the chances of becoming a multimillionaire as an Entrepreneur rival that of making the NFl, so I wanted to know if early participation in the global stock market will raise my chances of success in the long run.#business #wealth #stocks #marketing-and-advertising #product and sales.

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Stephen’s Answer

Updated Newark, New Jersey
Hi Reginald T. Almost none of your future as an aspiring entrepreneur is dictated by the stock market. When you have an idea, raising money to fund the building of your idea, to test that idea and get feedback from customers, comes far ahead of any success in the stock market. Consider the fact that being a good entrepreneur is about having a business idea that "catches fire" with customers in mass. Once you amass a huge customer base, the funding for your company will transition from "seed funding" to equity shared in your stock as provided by private investors. It isn't until much later on that you "go public" with an IPO. So much of your entrepreneurial success will happen well ahead of any direct stock market effect.