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How much experience is needed in terms of managing a hedge fund?

As of lately I have been really interested into business in terms of a possible major. However I know nothing about what you could do with a business degree. I was thinking of being a hedge fund manager but I would like to know what steps do I take to position myself to have enough experience for this. #stocks #business #finance

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2 answers

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Ian (Carl)’s Answer

This can vary dramatically. If managing investments is an interest of yours, you should start by managing investments of your own. Find educational material about investments and different strategies online. All hedge funds are only profitable due to their investing strategies. You can find an investing club online through different social media platforms to join as a start.

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Armani,

I have never managed hedge funds before, but when I have a student interested in a specific career, I usually recommend that they go to a job search site like indeed and search for jobs with that title. From there you can read the descriptions of the jobs to see what employers are looking for in candidates for that role. Hope this helps!

Ann recommends the following next steps:

Here is the link to a hedge fund manager job posting. http://www.indeed.com/viewjob?from=appsharedroid&jk=754b41b99e831fce
Also search hedge fund manager on onetonline.org. This site will give you data on how much demand there is for the position, average pay, education and skills needed.

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