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I want to know about stocks and learn about stocks

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6 answers

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Padraig’s Answer

Take a degree in Finance (numbers and systems) and Economics (the markets) - you will learn about asset management (“buy side”) and investment banking (“sell side”).

If you dont want a degree and are interested in trading stocks or investing, check out courses on places like Udemy!
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Gaurav D.’s Answer

Hello Neiam,

Learning about individual stocks is a very risky business and requires a lot of time, commitment and years of research and understanding. The safest and most effective way to invest is through ETF's, Mutual Funds and Index Funds. The returns on those will allow you sleep at night and not have to track every single individual stock through it's ups and downs. If you do want to learn about individual stocks, find a successful broker or investor that has been through the ups and downs of the market to understand it completely. My recommendation is to have a minimum of $25K before you start buying individual stocks to make an actual dent in profit. But with mutual funds, index funds or etf's you can start buying now with as little as $1000.00. Every month keep buying more and more. The first $100K is the hardest, but the power of compounding is the most proven way to become wealthy. Good luck.
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Sarah’s Answer

Stocks are a very risky business. I would advise you to partner with a broker that is successful and has made money for his clients during this pandemic year. I would also advise you to keep in mind a certain number to invest, with the thought that it may be lost. A number that if lost you would remain comfortable without jeopardizing your economic stability. Follow companies, daily or weekly, that have a track record to gain yearly, are transparent. These companies must have four yearly quarterly transparent meetings and include their accounting numbers to their share holders.
I would shy away from companies which are a cash only companies; those that are involved in CBD types of medicine, the current marijuana legal sales. I think, their yearly income reporting may not be so valid, since there is no legitimate paper trail, or even accurate bank trails.
When you follow companies that that have increased the return to their investments and are on a trajectory, those are the ones to invest. Basically the companies that are needed by consumers, Pharmacy, oil, gas, housing, building, food industry, private education companies on the stock market, entertainment, (Netflix a successful company that rose exponentially during this year long pandemic.)
Also I would invest today in renewable energy companies, those that produce batteries, this will be a boom in the net few years I believe similar to the cell phone and even Amazon. Our planet is in dire need to alter the way gasses are produced, released into the atmosphere, and continue to create individual health problems, and major global weather disasters. Investing in companies that promote renewable energy is the only way to end this problem that has been caused by major oil and gas companies in the last 100 years.
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Betty’s Answer

Hi Nieam,

There are many resources for you to learn about stocks and one thing I like to do every day is read stock news and articles online. It''s also helpful to talk to investors, traders or people who work in the profession, but learning online is the most flexible way to educate yourself. You can search up tons of information on Google Finance, Reddit, Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Morningstar, Jim Cramer, Youtube, etc. Having said that, It really takes years to get a deeper understanding of the stock market, how to trade, and how consumer sentiments, the local and global economy and policies impact the stock market as well as individual company stocks. The basic thing to learn is how a company is valued and the main metrics investors look at, like EPS, etc. Then at some point you may want to trade, but start off small. Investing is very difficult and you may lose a lot before you see a gain. Tread carefully and do all the homework beforehand. Good luck!
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Jay’s Answer


There are a lot of resources available to help kick start (and validate) your interest in stocks. I would suggest looking at some of the resources available through brokerage firms (E*Trade, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab all have great courses and sessions for free which will show the basics in the stock market). This will give you a basic understanding of how the market works.

Then, taking that information and learning the broader area of business and finance will give you the history and basics of the market and how it works the way it does. From there, you will have a lot of options on where to go (trader, financial advisor, modeler, economist, etc...).

Best of luck
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Ian’s Answer

If you're seeking an avenue into understanding stocks for the purpose of investing and / or trading, learning technical analysis is key. Be aware it takes years to become proficient and you need full control over your emotions to be an effective trader.