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Sarah Lascar

Educational Instruction and Library Occupations - Transportation and Material Moving Occupations
League City, Texas
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Daniel Jun 20, 2021 550 views

How can I make sure i set the right steps in order to reach my career goal which is to be a graphic designer

Hey! I am 20 years old and I like to graphic design on my free time, I mainly do it because I like to make mock ups for my brand I am building and it is very fun to challenge myself to make something different, #graphic-design #career #design unique, or aesthetically pleasing

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sohaya Oct 11, 2021 576 views

How to get a job as a new graduate without any experience

Hi, my name is sohaya, I just graduated college with a degree in human-centred Design from India, I just moved to the US and am trying to look for a job as a design researcher, with no experience working in the US. What should my initial steps be? #career #design...

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NIEAM Apr 21, 2021 958 views

I want to know about stocks and learn about stocks

starting stocks #career-counseling #stocks