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Saint Paul, Minnesota

Within 40 mile radius
Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie yesterday 29 views

whats the pros and cons of being a Athletic trainer?

whats the pros and cons of being a Athletic trainer?

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Ashley yesterday 25 views

What is the "step:1" when becoming a pediatric nurse?

Hello, I'm a 10th grader in high school right now. My school offers a concurrent enrollment program where I can easily obtain my AA degree. Right now, I am taking 1 college course (US HISTORY) and AP Biology. Next year for my junior year, I'll be able to do more college courses. In my college...

gabby’s Avatar
gabby yesterday 14 views

what caused you to get into mental health?

how did you get into mental health and why do you care about it so much? what was something that made you want to get into talking about things like this?

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Meisha yesterday 28 views

What does a lawyer's typical day look like?

Is most of their time spent in court? Do they have to defend clients even if they know they're guilty? How long will it take to pay back the college tutions?

Taylor’s Avatar
Taylor yesterday 38 views

What are some good tips for first year going into college? ?

What are some good tips for first year going into college?

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Claire yesterday 17 views

Planning for my future?

What steps can I take in high school to help me pursue a career in health science?

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy yesterday 17 views

How to start a career in welding or plumbing?

How should I get involved early and what should I do to practice these jobs?

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Noah yesterday 19 views

How to become a cattle farmer. ?

How and what do I need to do in order to become a cattle farmer.

Eli’s Avatar
Eli yesterday 33 views

What are the pros and cons of running a business?

I have had thoughts of starting a business, I know of a place where I can get an office space, but how would I begin, who in my town would I go to and start this business. How would running my business go, what plans should I have for the present and future, and most of all what should I do,...

Jordyn’s Avatar
Jordyn yesterday 32 views

What is the best way to figure out what college fits your career best?

What is the best way to figure out what college fits your career best?

Sophie’s Avatar
Sophie yesterday 18 views

Would forensics be worth going into?

I love math and science I find both of the subjects fun and interesting. I have always been interested in mysteries and stuff like that. I recently started considering Forensics as a career and it has landed top on my list. I want to what people who work in forensics are generally interested...

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Nate yesterday 24 views

What is the best place to buy real estate?

What would be places to buy real estate if wanting to rent out to tenants, such as more rural, more near a lake/beach, or the best states.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph yesterday 12 views

What is the starting pay in real estate?

What do you start off receiving as a real estate agent?

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Ellie yesterday 11 views

Is there a difference between a financial advisor and financial manager?

is there a difference between a financial advisor and finical manager? if so whats the difference?

Eli’s Avatar
Eli yesterday 23 views

What to do as a writer?

I have thought about attempting to be a professional writer after high school, what do you suggest, how do you deal with writers block, how do you come up with new and original ideas, how do I properly balance writing and self care?

EvaMarie’s Avatar
EvaMarie yesterday 15 views

How do i get an internship for being a nurse?

I really have no idea

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy yesterday 16 views

Advice on welding or plumbing?

What is a day i the life of welding and plumbing and what can I except on a daily basis?

frank’s Avatar
frank yesterday 42 views

How do i make big bills(a lot of money)?

I just wanna make a lot of money so i can be rich. I wanna be able to not worry about anything financial and go places. I wanna be an architect mainly.

Aurora’s Avatar
Aurora yesterday 13 views

What is a good program to use for digital art?

I am a sophmore in highschool and I love to draw. I am a beginer and still trying to find my art style. I have ibspaint but only the free version. I am still learning to use it.

EvaMarie’s Avatar
EvaMarie yesterday 16 views

how do i find the right cosmetology school?

Ive been thinking about what school to go to but now im not quite sure

Holden’s Avatar
Holden yesterday 29 views

What steps should I take to broaden my opprotunities for a possible career?

Should I think about enrolling in college classes? Should I also think about doing trade school, or is it all based on what i want to do for a career? What should i do if i dont exactly know what to do?

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Arey yesterday 30 views

How many years are anesthesiologists in school?

How many years are anesthesiologists in school?

leah’s Avatar
leah 2 days ago 46 views

where should I get started as a 10th grader looking into a career?

I personally like criminology, psychology, and human behavior.

specific jobs I'm looking at are forensic scientists, human behavior analysts, and a psychologist.

Kaitlyn’s Avatar
Kaitlyn yesterday 15 views

What do you do as Psychologist and what schooling do you need?


Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy yesterday 21 views

Welding and Plumbing

What would be a good class to help me with welding or plumbing?

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Addie yesterday 24 views

How many years of schooling does it take to become a pediatrician?

I want to be a pediatrician but I dont know if all the schooling is worth it.

Teddy’s Avatar
Teddy yesterday 41 views

What is a good way for me to pursue my dream career?

I have a career picked out that I think I would really enjoy but I don't know how to pursue that said career to the best of my ability.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah yesterday 12 views

What are good places to start looking into being a therapist and what are things I can do to start preparing to take this career path in high school?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am interested in becoming a therapist, but don't know exactly where to start research or how to become prepared. Thank you!

frederick’s Avatar
frederick yesterday 82 views

how do i keep motivated in a science career field?

how does one find the motivation to keep on a science career path i feel like im losing the motivation to keep doing what i want with my life and the things i define as my passion

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph yesterday 11 views

Where do I start in real estate ?

What do I do to start to become a real estate agent?

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