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Elk River, Minnesota
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Wyatt’s Career Goals

After graduating High School with an AA degree, I wish to pursue law at the University of St. Thomas where there I will excel in the studying of law, specifically in the arena of criminal law. Once, I've graduated college I wish to either start my own law firm or join a firm where there I wish to pursue my passion of the justice system. After fifteen years I wish to pursue a career in the political arena starting off by serving in the Minnesota state legislature, the house of representatives, and the U.S senate.

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Wyatt Apr 25 253 views

Studying American Law Abroad?

Is studying American law abroad a viable option for learning or would it be recommended to learn in America?

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Wyatt Feb 08 285 views

What is life like on Campus?

I know every college is different and every student is, but what is campus life like on campuses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area?

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Wyatt Feb 08 397 views

How do you make yourself more appealing to colleges?

I'm wanting to get into the University of St. Thomas and I know the school is a bit more prestigious than some. Any tips?

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Wyatt Feb 08 471 views

Day-to-day life of a lawyer?

What does the day-to-day life of a lawyer look like?

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Wyatt Feb 08 349 views

How much is the pay of an average criminal attorney?

In the Mid-West what is the average pay of a criminal-law attorney?