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Saint Michael, Minnesota
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Aurora’s Career Goals

hello! I am in 11th grade but really soon 12th. I love art and have a pation for it. I also love horses. I want to be a horse ocupational therapist when I get older. I know that will take a lot of work but I am really excided about it. I also love to wright. I dream of publishing a book and maybe even selling it.



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Aurora Apr 05 310 views

I have so many good stories and I think they would be good as an actual book. How can I get a book published ?

I love wrighting on my free time, and some of the stuff I wright is really good and I feel like it would be such a good book. I don't really know how to publing a book and don't really understand the rules of copying/copyright. Also if you have ever bounded a book yourself what are some tips...

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Aurora Nov 14, 2023 191 views

How to grow a small busines?

have a small busines on facebook, I sell art that i have made but I don't really have time to make stuff since I am in school. I need help to balence the small busness and school.

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Aurora Oct 16, 2023 954 views

What are some collages that have equestrian classes and are able to bring your horse?

Hi! I am a Junior in high school and it's about time I start looking for schools. I want to do somthing with horses, but I don't know where to start. I have a horse and I don't want to have to sell him when I go to collage. I would like to bring him or have someone pay me to lease him if that...

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Aurora May 15, 2023 860 views

How do I start equine ocupational theripy?

Me and my mom were coming up with ideas and This job I am really wanting to go into. I have ideas of helping kids learn with horses by their side. I want to know if there is somthing I should know befor going to collage. Any classes that whould help me get to my job. I have a horse aready. I...

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Aurora Feb 24, 2023 568 views

Where do you get the best writing inspiration?

I have been in kind of a writers block and I feel like all my short stories kinda repeat and I feel like they get boring. I want to be a writer and make short stories.

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Aurora Oct 10, 2022 408 views

What is the best classes to take in colage to work towards the equestrian feild?

I am a sophmore in high school and I have a pasion for horses. I have my own horse and I show in hunter/jumper. I have a Thoroughbred and I know there are some classes that you can get money in shows. I am not looking to be a vet, but I do want to work with horses.

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Aurora Oct 04, 2022 346 views

What is a good program to use for digital art?

I am a sophmore in highschool and I love to draw. I am a beginer and still trying to find my art style. I have ibspaint but only the free version. I am still learning to use it.