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Striving to be a marine biologist.
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Marie Mar 25, 2019 303 views

Can I be on Broadway?

All my life I have LOVED singing. I always sang. (normally not in front of people) I have started guitar about a year ago and I've realized that music is really my passion and I want to do something with it. Now about 3 years ago I've started these acting classes. I'm not super good at acting,...

Mathilde’s Avatar
Mathilde Mar 26, 2019 352 views

What are the best advice you could give for someone who would like to get his foot in the door of UN system?

I have graduated two years ago with a Bachelor Degree in Financial Mathematics, and have been working in private sector. I would like some advice on how to improve my chance for getting into UN system.

jason’s Avatar
jason Mar 26, 2019 189 views

what Education Requirements do you have to have

do you have to go threw collage or something

tessa’s Avatar
tessa Mar 26, 2019 361 views

what collage do i have to go to if i want to be a youtuber?

#college people

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Benjamin Mar 18, 2019 244 views

What are Electricians' habits?

I need to know what habits for an electrician are.

Wesley’s Avatar
Wesley Mar 25, 2019 552 views

I am interested in working for an organization like What type of opportunities are available for someone passionate in organizations like this?

I would like to do my internship for an organization like this. I'm at Nairobi University from Kenya.

#internship #career #non-profit #nonprofit

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Student Mar 25, 2019 220 views

What are some good schools for animation?

I wanna go to college to be an animator, but there's loooooots of colleges for art like that and I cant choose one to research on. Please help me. #college

Blaine’s Avatar
Blaine Mar 25, 2019 170 views

How much does an operator make?

How many years of school do you have to go to?

Slade’s Avatar
Slade Mar 25, 2019 260 views

Is instrumentation a good field of work?

How many years of school would i need?

juan’s Avatar
juan Mar 25, 2019 335 views

what do I need to become a nurse and what kind of degree

#nurse #medicine

xavier’s Avatar
xavier Mar 25, 2019 195 views

Do mechanics need college experience?

Will it increase my pay?

Yuliana’s Avatar
Yuliana Mar 22, 2019 434 views

In California what are the requirements to get accepted into a college or a university?

#college-admissions #college-advice #undergraduate

Roxsana’s Avatar
Roxsana Mar 22, 2019 600 views

How much does an accountant make per year?

#accounting #business

Santosh’s Avatar
Santosh Mar 22, 2019 826 views

Learn data science or not?

Is there sufficient demand for data scientist or it's just a hype? I am in my MBA program final year. I am interested towards data science and analytics field. I have experience with python, R, it's just I find it little difficult to find study material for learning concepts of Machine learning...

Manny’s Avatar
Manny Mar 22, 2019 283 views

How do I become a Civil Engineer?

I want to be able to design and build long lasting, and beautiful structures.