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Learn data science or not?

Is there sufficient demand for data scientist or it's just a hype? I am in my MBA program final year. I am interested towards data science and analytics field. I have experience with python, R, it's just I find it little difficult to find study material for learning concepts of Machine learning and AI that is required by the companies. How do I handle this?
I have bachelors engineering degree
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9 answers

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Dee Ann’s Answer


I see you are outside the US.

Hopefully, you find the following helpful.

First: Identify what you want to do, and what you feel will make you happy. Imagine what role will excite you to want to go to work everyday.

What does that ideal job look like?

As for data science:

Likely, knowledge of any machine learning, or actually using SQL or a language like Python will be a bonus for a MBA candidate to have. Actually knowing Data Science depends on your preferred job role.

I have seen articles around the globe : India, China, Africa, US, etc. , all discussing the evolution and use of AI/ML and money being allocated for its advancements across all industries and business challenges we face globally

explore sites for additional learning and courses out there. Kaggle is great to see some really amazing data science at work




sign up to Google Alerts for Machine Learning , Artificial Intelligence

once/if you do the above, you will become someone that will be seen as interested in the topic and the ads and articles should start to begin emerging online if you feel you aren’t seeing any articles

some general articles:




Good luck!

if you have any specific questions, I can try and help research them directly for you

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Scott’s Answer

The hype is real. Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are some of the fastest growing industries. Just looking at the salaries for these types of jobs ($100k+), indicating their high demand.

The world is connecting more and more IoT devices every year. Expected to be 2.3 Billion by 2023. These devices will bring in more data and more need for data scientists to analyze and build algorithms.

If you want more material on ML/AI, you can check out these sites:
*AI Education with Google
*List of AI Companies
*Kaggle Datasets for projects
*Siraj Raval, Education Youtuber

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Dan’s Answer

Hi Santosh,

Data science is a fairly broad topic and includes statistics and probability and a good deal of data engineering. It is a hot topic because the tools in data science are generally useful, and required, when a company, organization or research group have large volumes of data. Knowing the fundamental skills of data science will be useful even if you are not in a formal data science position.

The Open Data Science Conference has a good blog on data science. It's a good resource to see the kinds of problems that are addressed using data science. https://odsc.com/

Good luck!

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karthik’s Answer

Data science involves the collection and study of data – both structured and unstructured – to gain insights and information that can be used by organizations to create effective strategies. By collecting and analyzing data over time, patterns can data scientists can identify trends and make suggestions to stakeholders that will help them to find new market opportunities, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and result in a competitive advantage in their indust

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Atul’s Answer

Be it any discipline you should have some amount of interest. Don't do it just because it's trending. But yes data science is a hot area. You can do ML AI or simple statistical analysis. Personally I am doing it on the side as I like it. It involves a lot of math, so you should have some liking for it. Check out the courses on Coursera

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Sophia’s Answer

Do whatever you want! If you don't believe you can be supported with this career, then don't learn it. It depends on what you decide. Think of the pros and cons, and how important each pro and con is. That should help you decide.

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karthik’s Answer

Yes, it is worth learning as it is developing technology and there is a huge necessity for Data Analyst and Data Scientist in the current mechanical world.

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Deepak’s Answer

Learning data science should not always be with the intent of becoming a data scientist. Anyone passionate about working with data can set it as a goal to learn the fundamentals of data science.
Are you interested in learning about the power of data?
Are you interested in learning how to explore data, analyze data, and draw out meaningful and insightful findings from data?
Are you interested in adding data science skills into your skills set tool box?
Are you interested in learning about one of the hottest career fields today?

If you answer yes to a majority of the questions above, then you have to make up your mind and begin your journey to data science as soon as possible. There is no reason to delay. Challenge yourself to begin your journey this 2020. It takes time, energy and effort to master the fundamentals of data science, but keep in mind that a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Slowly but surely, as you educate yourself about data and look for opportunities to share your newly acquired knowledge with other data science aspirants or professionals, your knowledge and expertise will continue to grow over time.

There are numerous free resources for learning about data science these days. Resources can be found on platforms such as edX, Coursera, Udemy, DataCamp,YouTube, etc.The only factor is you. The ball is in your court. Are you willing to dedicate your time and energy to learn about data? Learning the fundamentals of data science is a great investment you can never regret about. This is the time to act, and to act fast. Let 2020 be the year you finally get on board for your data science journey.

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Krishna Chaitanya’s Answer

Data science is real. There are many applications that already take advantage of advanced algorithms developed using ML and AI. Data science is the way to go for data enthusiasts as it helps them solve business problems with solutions backed by data.

To learn data science is some effort, its not just like a new programming language that is hot in the market. Data science concepts are heavily derived from complex statistical analyses. It also needs good understanding of the business to analyze the problem.

I would recommend to read more about the application of data science in real world to understand what it has to offer.