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Where should a Community Development major look for a career?

I am not interested in making phone calls all day with my degree. I would like to working within a non-profit or with individuals where I feel that I am actively helping others, working with people. #career #nonprofit #communitydevelopment #outreach #communityengagement

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3 answers

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Tammy’s Answer

Hi Gabrielle,
Linda's answer is very good. I'm going to take a different approach. What amount of student loans do you have coming out of college? If you have a large amount, see if one of the non-profits you are considering qualifies you for a deferment on your student loans. Consider part time work that pays a decent salary and has benefits. Then do a part-time internship with the non-profit you love. Also when considering non-profits, please be sure to include religious and arts focused groups too. These both need community development talent (even if they don't qualify for loan deferment).

If you don't have a lot of student loans, then you have more options.

Good luck!

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Linda’s Answer

I would look for internships at non-profits paid or unpaid. Volunteer at a group that interests you, in your community. Use your college resource center to see if there are in graduates working at non-profits that you can do an informational interview on what they do. People love to talk to folks about what they do, why they do, how they developed their passion. You might also ask them about the phone angle. Hospitals, nursing homes, Hospices, Veteran facility always need volunteers. If this is your passion it is helpful to start at bottom and do many different jobs at the organization you choose to help. This will give you clear insight how you can come an impact and improve the organization.

Thank you for your advice. Gabrielle B.

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Eileen’s Answer

Hi Gabrielle. I would add that there are also are many community relations positions in for-profit companies that would benefit from your education. Look for titles like Community Relations or Community Outreach Coordinator. Banks, utility companies, and hospitals and good examples. You’ll find these types of roles in governmental agencies, too. Best wishes on your search.