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Applying for Scholarships

Asked Wayland, Massachusetts

I am a 2018 high school graduate on a gap year. I am using my time away from school to apply for more aid and really getting to myself as well.

As I try to find scholarships, I notice most are for those who are seniors in high school and graduating in 2019. I have gotten lucky with some, emailing them to let them know my situation.

Where can I find scholarships for gap year students? For students who plan to enroll in college in the fall of 2019 but are not in high school?

Are there any scholarships for students in online college? Because this is my case as well. #scholarship #financial-aid #college #gapyear #online #geneds

1 answer

Whitney’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia

Hi Sophia,

I think it is a great decision for you to take a gap year! There are many advantages of doing so, including saving up money. There are many websites that are great for scholarships. On these websites, you can specify your exact situation and and get tailored scholarships to you. Some of these websites are: