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What should I do to get a scholarship that will cover my tuition for college?

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4 answers

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AMREEN’s Answer

I highly suggest to use the app/website MyScholly

I also suggest you to look into applying for state/federal financial aid grants to help pay for the cost of school as well.

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Axel’s Answer

Hi Vanisha,

A couple of ideas below that worked for me!

Idea #1: Search for scholarships online that align with your interests/hobbies
I was interested in golf during high school and got a side job caddying. It turned out that there was a full ride scholarship available to caddies who were successful academically and also completed enough "loops". I applied and was fortunate enough to be selected for the scholarship. The best thing about a scholarship targeted to your interests/hobbies is that it will be niche, there may be a smaller pool of candidates, and there are several ways to qualify (participation/grades etc.)

Idea #2: Search University financial aid sites
Once you are admitted to college I'd urge you to search the financial aid website of your school. At my college I was able to find small scholarships ($1-3K) which no one had applied to. The requirements were minimal (grades, class enrollments). I did this every year and was able to get several additional amounts of financial aid which were sometimes refundable!

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Diane’s Answer

Colleges will pay (give merit scholarships) for high SAT's, high gpa's, and high performance in certain areas. This last one could be academic, athletic or community related, such as having a strong interest and involvment in helping the less fortunate. Find something that interests you and take it to next level. The schools want kids who are involved and are leaders - you don't need to start a club to be a leader- show initiative and creativity in ideas in whatever interests you. For financial scholarships fill out the FAFSA and they will take into consideration your family's situation.

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Aaliyah J.’s Answer

1. Be sure to perform well academically!
2. Participate in extra-curricular activities. Universities are looking for well-rounded students.
3. Apply to local scholarships (you have a higher chance of winning them because don't apply).
4. Apply for all national scholarships that you are eligible for.
5. Contact the director or administrative assistant of your academic department. Ask them about scholarship opportunities.