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How long does it take to get your General Education Classes?

I'm hoping to keep it under two years


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2 answers

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Lolita’s Answer

Hello Kylie,
I have 14 years experience in college admissions campus and online . I am currently a Sr. Admissions Advisor at an online collage. General education courses are course so it depends on the length of time a college/university has for their courses. guaranteed to transfer to all colleges. Be very careful in taking general education courses then going to another college you may loose credits.
Here is a link:
Types of General Education courses:
Arts & Humanities
Classes that satisfy an arts and/or humanities requirement could include music, visual arts, theatre, or dance. offers college-level courses to augment your studying in these subjects:

Intro to Music
Art of the Western World
Introduction to Philosophy

English Language and Literature
The majority of higher education institutions require an English course to ensure that students are receiving an educational foundation that teaches them to write, appreciate world literature, and analyze written words to form educated opinions. delivers engaging courses covering some of the most common college English topics:

English Literature
College Composition
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature

Foreign Language
Proficiency in a foreign language can help students gain awareness of various global cultures and expand their worldview in addition to learning new linguistic skills. At many colleges, students can choose from a range of languages, such as Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. Get a head start on your language training with this online language course from

Beginning Spanish

History courses provide students with an opportunity to connect cultures from across the globe, and students can find a broad range of history classes that work within the scope of general education requirements. To get an idea of what's available at the college level, check out one of these online history courses:

Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East through 1648
Western Civilization II: 1648 to Today
United States History
Mathematics and Science
While most colleges and universities offer math and science majors to keep up with the demand for technologically advanced workers to fill positions in the STEM fields - science, technology, engineering, and math - even students pursuing majors outside of STEM fields should possess basic math and science knowledge. can help students improve their math and science skills with these diverse course offerings:

College Algebra
Principles of Statistics
Business Math
Introduction to Biology
General Chemistry
Earth Science
Social Sciences
The ability to interact with others in society and develop meaningful relationships are two of the main ideas taught in the social sciences field. At, students can find courses that can enhance their understanding of the social sciences:

Introduction to Sociology
Public Speaking
Introduction to World Religions
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Jaime’s Answer

Hi Kylie,

It really depends on what a person's goal is. If you are thinking of going from community college to a 4-year college, it might make sense to take some general education classes in community college to have them cleared out of the way, although some would also recommend that you take classes that are related to the major you are interested in pursuing in a 4-year college instead of just loading on general ed classes.

Having said that, I personally spaced out my general education classes over my 4-year college education, simply because it fits my other classes better. I gave priority to my electrical engineering classes (there were a lot of them, and some are only offered once a year), and then tried to see what GE classes were available that I could comfortably fit into the schedule, and still do well in all my classes.

Besides scheduling, the other reason why I spaced them out is also to have variety in classes. I didn't want to be stuck with only electrical engineering classes every quarter (and meeting the same folks every week), and found humanities and language classes to be a breather in exercising the right side of the brain, and meeting different people.

So consider the reasons why you would want to finish your GE classes within 2 years. If there isn't a strong reason for it, I would recommend spacing them out, and picking out the classes that interest you most.