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For people who are a sports psychologist, how many hours do you work in a typical week?

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2 answers

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Cynthia’s Answer

I am not a sports psychologist but I have worked with several in the past. As a sports psychologist, you are specifically working with athletes, both amateur and professionals in order to help them improve performance or overcome psychological barriers to performing at their peak level. I decided to help in answering this question as the role I play with my clients is very similar. The reality is that clients, whether they be athletes or individuals with career, relational, or emotional issues, we use many of the same techniques including guided imagery. Athletes are trying to prepare for competition through physical and mental training. Non-athletes are working through anxiety and other issues that keep them from living their best lives.

Sports psychologists usually act in a consulting capacity which gives them an opportunity to make their own hours. Although, they can be employed by a larger company and have regular hours as an individual in any company might have. I think it depends on what type of schedule you would like to have and how you want to fit work into your lifestyle. The individuals I know have their own company and their schedule varies from day to day. They might be out in the field observing a client, or in the office using techniques to improve mental acuity, overcome the fear of failure, etc.

I am a therapist in private practice, so I also make my own hours. For me a full day consists of seeing 4 clients, completing notes, and whatever other administrative tasks need to be completed for that day. It is not unlike other types of therapists including sports psychologists.

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Thomas’s Answer

"Sports and exercise psychologists typically work five days a week from nine-to-five [(45hrs.)]. However, extra evening and weekend work may be required from time to time to fit in with athletes’ training and performance schedules.

You may also be required to travel, both domestically and internationally, on a regular basis."