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For people who work a sports psychologist. What’s the most common problems that you treat?

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2 answers

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Samantha’s Answer

Although, I am not a sports psychologist I did play college soccer and I feel I can personally tell you what I experienced and many of my teammates. I think the 3 most common were as follows:
1. Am I good enough, doing enough and working hard enough to be the best on the team and continue to produce results on the field?
2. I am starting to burn out and hate the sport but I do not want to disappoint anyone if I were to stop or slow down for a bit.
3. Is all this worth it in the end?

Honestly, all these questions went in and out of my head throughout my career. I would never change the fact I played college soccer but these were common thoughts. Maybe you will see this in practice if you decide in this career.
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mary’s Answer

The treatment will address fears and phobias. Helping with discovering, revealing deep root issues that prevent the patient from overcoming self imposed barriers. They no longer feel able to do what they were doing physically because emotionally / psychological stress has stopped the muscle from functioning. Conducting counseling sessions of self discovery of fears, self belief in emotions, trusting self, safe environment to try overcoming and achievement will allow the individual to begin finding joy in their ability, instead of fear that they no longer are able to succeed. You get to help the person find their way out of the self imposed limitation. Some of the limitations might be real. You will also help them accept their new life, preventing a loss of identity. They will need to live through the loss of one dream and realization of a new, often overlooked or sacrificed identity. You help them find the winning team where they can enjoy a new life. Recapture a dream sacrificed to focus on a sport. It's hard form the individual and you open doors of discussion for them to walk through. They will learn and so will you.