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Riley K. Oct 23, 2020 76 views

How are the hours? Are they flexible, strict, or do you just go in when paged/called?

I am a senior looking into the medical field. It has always interested me. I initially wanted to be a surgeon, but now I have been really focused and set on becoming n anesthesiologist. #anesthesiologist,...


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willa T. Oct 23, 2020 96 views

What requirements are needed to work as a pediatrician?

I'm in the eleventh grade and I am exploring the different options of careers that I am leaning towards, a pediatrician is one of them. I love being around kids and I also love learning about the body so I'm very interested in learning more about this career. What are the skills and...

#career #kids #pediatrician

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Autum C. Oct 29, 2020 259 views

What are the most important qualities of being a doctor?

I go back and forth between choosing to be a lawyer or a doctor. At this point I just need to know what qualities work best for each profession. #doctor...


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Andria P. Nov 05, 2020 128 views

How do I choose between two colleges?

Well I am a sophomore in high school and I play basketball. So I don't know whether to play or to focus on my career that I want to pursue. Also, I don't know which college has the best options for me....


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Shandiin L. Nov 05, 2020 80 views

What life as a Doctor?

I'm a student who interested become a Doctor. Doctor are like a superhero to me they take their time to save and help patient. It really amazing moment as a doctor. #doctor...


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Madison D. Nov 05, 2020 156 views

is it possible for me to become a dermatoligist

i am interested in this topic because i see myself in this career .right now Imin the 9th grade. my skills and interests that relate are i have steady hands, patient, love meeting new people, and especially changing their lives in a good way. when i get answer to this question, ill listen to it...