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Schaumburg, Illinois

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Mara D.’s Avatar
Mara D. Aug 13, 2018 384 views

Is it hard to find a job as a bilingual teacher after college?

I really want to become a great teacher that will prepare and help future generation to (sound like a fantasy?) make the world a better place. Yet I'm scared that my career will not be successful or worth it. teacher # career # success teaching...


Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 02, 2021 98 views

What´s the difference between Anesthesiologist assistant and Nurse Anesthetist?

An Anesthesiologist, Nurse Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist assistant have a few things in common. I´m interested in becoming an Anesthesiologist but the course load has me terrified. doctor medicine healthcare premed college Anesthesia...


Deangel P.’s Avatar
Deangel P. Dec 14, 2021 95 views

Can you tell me how you plan and prioritize your work in a baking profession ?

I'm a person that kinda jump from one thing to another and get off track and then start to forget things that need to be completed and its something i want to get better at. job career baker...


Shantasia S.’s Avatar
Shantasia S. Feb 10, 2020 2773 views

What's good questions to ask the employer when on a interview?

My name is Tasia im 22 years young from the city of Chicago ! Im always getting asked "any question for me" , and I almost never have any questions to ask besides " when do I start" !...


Aaliyah M.’s Avatar
Aaliyah M. Oct 25, 2021 69 views

How much education is needed to become a RN

Very outgoing, fast learner once being taught something...


carly F.’s Avatar
carly F. Jan 04 64 views

What psychology related jobs are there that can work in the hospital and with children?

I am 16 and currently a junior in high school. I have always wanted to do something that involves kids, and mental health. I have been doing a lot of research on different jobs and I don't know what I should do. I would like to work as someone who advocates in mental health (preferably...

psychology children career hospital

iyanna L.’s Avatar
iyanna L. Nov 08, 2021 112 views

What does a Normal day look like for a doctor?

Whats the most memorable patient you have had? Why did it make a diffrence? medicine healthcare health...


Diamond T.’s Avatar
Diamond T. May 13, 2016 749 views

How does one go about looking for a programming job?

I'm guessing that I'm not gonna find a job by seeing a sign in a window somewhere. So do I look on the internet and if so do you have a suggested site? This is just for my future self. jobs programming tech websites...


Andres M.’s Avatar
Andres M. Dec 15, 2021 58 views

is your job typical of others in this field ?

I would like to know about this because different people have different opinions auto-mechanic...


ashanti B.’s Avatar
ashanti B. Nov 08, 2021 102 views

What's the difference between a LPN and a CNA ?

I wanted to join the medical field but i'm stuck on which a LPN or CNA is higher in nursing. Which is the better option? medicine nursing healthcare pediatrics doctor licensed-practitioner-nurse...


Zaria T.’s Avatar
Zaria T. Dec 02, 2021 122 views

How did you deal with learning difficult material?

When I was younger I wanted to be an Anesthesiologist and part of me still does but this seems unrealistic for me. With no support/ lack of resources it´s hard to pay for school, care for myself and stay motivated especially when the end seems so far. doctor healthcare medicine...

college anesthesiologist finance

jaquan J.’s Avatar
jaquan J. Dec 14, 2021 94 views

What makes an resume impressive in your field?

I would like to know so I can have an understanding on how to do my resume resume lawenforcement...


jaquan J.’s Avatar
jaquan J. Dec 14, 2021 75 views

What do you like most about this career?

I will like to know more about the positive side of this career police law...


ashanti B.’s Avatar
ashanti B. Nov 08, 2021 121 views

How to become an LPN?

i want to be an LPN but i don't know how many years i have to go to school for college college-selection medicine student university licensed-practitioner-nurse healthcare...


Charles W.’s Avatar
Charles W. Dec 15, 2021 74 views

How do you stay current in your knowlege ?

My name Is Charles I'm interested in the advance electrical program#electrical-engineering...


Michael C.’s Avatar
Michael C. Mar 27, 2018 460 views

Whats the best way to handle all the college offers received?

I've gotten plenty of offers, some better than others, but i know i can't accept them all. How would i go about denying the others? college college-admissions...


Antonio N.’s Avatar
Antonio N. Dec 17, 2021 58 views

What are some problems you've had to face in this industry and how did you overcome them?

I know of some problems you can face in this industry but I'm sure there could be a lot more I'm unaware of, so what are some things you have faced and how you overcame them? This way if I ever do face these problems someday then I'll have feedback on it and can deal with them early. Culinary...

chef cooking

iyanna L.’s Avatar
iyanna L. Oct 26, 2021 84 views

How would you feel about treating a patient who has tested positive for Hiv?

What are protocol for someone that has tested for Hiv ? How can you tell from just physical observation? doctor medicine...


joshua R.’s Avatar
joshua R. Nov 01, 2021 90 views

Is it scary being a doctor?

Like your dealing with sick people all the time; you don't get nervous of getting sick too? medicine healthcare health...