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How do I become an employee at google?

I wanna become an employee at google. #employee

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2 answers

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi D´Andrei,

In these links you can get a better information about the career process at Google:



Have a brilliant career!

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Toshiro K.’s Answer

Dear D'Andrei,

I'm guessing you are interested in a software engineer position? There are a lot of different positions at Google, not all of them are strictly software-based. Assuming you are interested in a software engineering position, in addition to the aforementioned link, there is also


which gives some insight into how Google hires. It is likely preferable that you have something on your resume that stands you out from the pack. Before that, you want to make sure you are technically quite adept. See, for example,


Please recall that assuming one gets a Google interview, the interview process consists of writing code on a whiteboard for some problems. There are a lot of practice questions on the net. I did solve a number of them as practice before going to the Google interview.

I hope this helps. Best wishes!