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Where can I find a job at my age?

I am 16 up for a lot and wanna make some money to give back to my family #job-search #employee

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3 answers

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Susan’s Answer

I'm assuming you're still in school, so you want something that you can do after school and on weekends. I'd like to know what you're interested in doing. What are your hobbies? If you like to cook, maybe you can find a job at a local restaurant. If you're really into something (for me, it's books--I'm a total book geek), maybe you can get a job selling that item/service. If you're into movies, maybe working at a movie theater is a possibility. Make a list of all of the things you enjoy doing and look for jobs that have something to do with those things. Before applying, be sure that you can get the hours you need and that you can actually get to the job(basic, I know, but sometimes I've gotten so excited about an opportunity that I've forgotten about things like that).

Is the pay going to be worth it or are you going to be spending too much on transportation, meals, etc. to make the job worth your time? Remember: unless your employer is paying you "under the table"--that is, in cash--expect to have about 20% or so (20% might be a little high, but it's better to overestimate in this situation) out for taxes. The salary listed for the job is always before taxes are taken out, so if you're making $10/hr. and working 20 hrs./week, you'll have $200/week *4 weeks/month = $800/month before taxes (that's called your "gross"). We take 20% out for taxes, so 20% of 800 is 160, so $800-$160=$640 (which is your "net" or "take home").

Other options to try are online job sites like Taskrabbit.com, where you get paid to do one-off jobs for people. The advantage of this type of work is that you can set your own wage, and I don't think Taskrabbit takes out for taxes (they do have a service fee). You also get to do a variety of work for a variety of people, which can help you decide what you might like to do for a career later on. The disadvantage is that there are no guaranteed hours, so you might not have a steady paycheck the way you would at a more traditional job. If you have a car and your drivers' license, you can do Uber or Lyft, though I've heard Triton pays better, but, again, you wouldn't have a steady paycheck.

I hope I've given you some stuff to think about. Good luck!

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Deric,

  • Start researching.
    Find organizations and other places that you know pay teens to work. Good places to check are government departments and nonprofit organizations such as city park and recreation departments, zoos, museums, camps, and hospitals.

Another option to look at are bridge clubs. They usually meet once a week and pay well for caddies and also have tournaments every month or so that pay even more.

  • Get the word out.

You can post flyers in your neighborhood detailing jobs that you can do, such as lawn mowing, babysitting, or dog-walking. You can also post your information on a website or job board, but beware of giving out personal information until you trust the other person. Post 3 x 5 cards at local stores and other places with notice-boards telling of the services you're willing to do.

  • Use your connections. Talk to friends and family about any paying jobs they might know of, and follow through.

  • Volunteer. Sometimes, the best way to get a paying job is to begin as a volunteer and work your way up. You may have to give some of your time for free to make money in the long run. Treat your volunteer work as if it were a paying job -- get there on time, call as soon as you know you can't come in or are going to be late. Listen and learn about the organization. Do such a good job they learn to rely on you.

  • Make a resume. Even if most jobs you apply for don't ask for a resume, it's a good exercise, and it's useful to have your work history and education details all written out in one place. It makes filling out applications much easier.

In: http://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-Job-As-a-Teen

All the luck for you!

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Phillip’s Answer

If you live close to a Theme Park you may want to apply for employment. Theme Parks tend to open in the spring and hire anyone that is 15yr old or older. You will need to apply early to get a job because they try to get their recruitment done before opening. Theme Park recruitment drives tend to take place between December and February so that's the best time to apply, but there are sometimes opportunities to apply later in the year if the parks still have vacancies available.