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Career options for commerce student with no maths involved

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sumeet’s Answer

Hi Abdul,
There are multiple option to opt from but the most important thing is that choose a career in which you are interested,you should always be clear about your passion.Multiple career options like the CA, B Com, BBA, BBM, BA, Hotel Management, Animation, Fashion designing, Journalism and Defense services are present, so take the decision after careful decision-making.There are lots of thing you can do after 12th commerce without Maths. You can apply for a Clerical Post in Bank or in some other Government organizations.If Maths is difficult for you, you can go for a BA course.A journalism course would also not require mathematics as a subject.And if you have a passion for something creative you can also go for new age course like Animation,Fashion Designing, hotel management.But choose a career in which you are interested.
Best of luck :)

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PALLAVI’s Answer

Hi There are many fields where you don't need to sit & work on mathematical equations , it could be various occupations

1.Commerce instructor it could be at high school level or if you peruse higher education in Commerce then at degree level too
2.Work on accountancy packages like tally
3.if your inclination towards Computers then MS Packages included work like Presentation & Data work in excel

4.be involved in Society related works like community teaching

However My personal suggestion would be even if you don't want very complicated derivations or modeling yet simple plain math's you should be comfortable with
Because not only occupation wise but in your day to day activities also you would need this :)

Thanks & Regards