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Works at Dell international services
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Sales and Related Occupations
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Davonte’s Avatar
Davonte May 18, 2015 1496 views

What are the requirements of becoming a game designer? Is it worth it?

You design a game, yes, but will I be responsible for possessing any other skills? Do I need to be good at coding, math, etc to even think of being a game designer? Most importantly, is game design worth it compared to my other choices like coding? Are game designers in high demand or should I...

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron May 13, 2016 1127 views

What's a job that a computer science degree is surprisingly useful for?

I'm mainly referring to a job you don't normally think about when getting a degree as opposed to working as a programmer or something else. #engineer #computer-programming #computer-games #computer-engineer

madison’s Avatar
madison Oct 28, 2016 1044 views

how do I become an astronomer?

I've always loved learning about stars, planets, black holes, gravitational waves, galaxies, any space stuff. but is this a practical career in any way? besides working for NASA, what viable paths are there for a degree in astronomy or astrophysics? is this something i should relegate simply to...

Karen’s Avatar
Karen Sep 16, 2016 1347 views

How do you choose the college that is right for you?

I am a junior in high school and am preparing to go to college. I was just wondering how I can choose a college out of all of the colleges that have already accepted me. I have not started applying to colleges just yet, but before it's too late, I want to learn how to pick the right college for...

Wooju’s Avatar
Wooju Jun 30, 2016 7564 views

Different fields of programming

I'm a high school student with many interests for jobs. Programming is one field that I've been looking in to recently, but I'm not sure what sort of jobs programming can get you. I've learned the basics of c programming and is going in to java, javascript, etc. What are some good paying jobs...

Michael’s Avatar
Michael Sep 28, 2016 1986 views

How do you set up short-term goals?

I am unsure how to set up a desire to accomplish simple planning. #engineering #aviation #japan #athletic-training #computer-games #university-teaching #motivational-speaking #undecided

Riley’s Avatar
Riley Mar 10, 2016 1143 views

What does an investing career path look like?

If I go to college and eventually get into a job in investing, where do you start (like what is the job title) and when you go up the ladder what do you go up to (what’s the top of the ladder)? How long does it take to go to the top of the ladder? I’m sure it must be really hard, but I’m...

Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jul 12, 2016 2753 views

How do you make the best of college?

I am going to be a Freshman this fall.There are so many things to do at college, with so little time. How do you make the best out of the time at college? #college #college-major #college-bound

kumar’s Avatar
kumar May 02, 2016 1713 views

My goal is to become a mechanical engineer. Which subjected do I need to study?

I'd like to learn more about mechanical engineering and what it takes to get there. #engineering #mechanical-engineering

Jonathan’s Avatar
Jonathan May 12, 2016 2551 views

How can I learn how to program?

Because I don't know how to program yet but want to learn. #programming

Logan ’s Avatar
Logan Mar 05, 2014 3038 views

What are the different occupations within the gaming industry?

I have been playing games since I was at least six years old. I love games, and I hope I can have a future in it. Unfortunately, I do not know what role I want to play and it is getting on my nerves. #games #computer-gaming

Darshitha’s Avatar
Darshitha Jun 29, 2016 2004 views

how to become a aeronotical engineering

my ambition is aeronotical engineering #engineer

Randal Tyrese’s Avatar
Randal Tyrese Oct 19, 2016 3395 views

What is the best Engineering field to go into?

I want to major in Engineering but I am on the fence about what concentration/field that I should go into.

Nandhini’s Avatar
Nandhini Apr 30, 2016 1127 views

What is current job scope in agri field?

Hi i am Nandhini i am studying 10 question is what is current job scope in agri field? #professor #agriculture #lecturer

Aabheer mgr’s Avatar
Aabheer mgr Jul 09, 2016 935 views

which group i will take in my higher studies for archeologist?

I will very interested in history. #archeology #technologist