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What's a job that a computer science degree is surprisingly useful for?

Asked Greensboro, North Carolina

I'm mainly referring to a job you don't normally think about when getting a degree as opposed to working as a programmer or something else. #engineer #computer-programming #computer-games #computer-engineer

2 answers

sumeet’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi, Many people learn to code by themselves without any need for a degree in CS. However, CS is not only coding. I think this is one of the biggest misconception about Computer Science. In a CS degree (if it’s good enough), you will learn about the different field of CS such as software engineering, computer networking, artificial intelligence, operating systems, database systems, computation, human–computer interaction, computer graphics.

Therefore, CS degree will help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, so it will definitely help you to solve real world problems.

Daniel’s Answer

Updated Seattle, Washington

For the short term - patent law. Though, that might be a risky gamble given the way the patent industry is possibly heading (i.e. no more software patents). Other engineering degrees will likely always be useful for patent law, which I guess is surprising.