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Different fields of programming

Asked Marietta, Georgia

I'm a high school student with many interests for jobs. Programming is one field that I've been looking in to recently, but I'm not sure what sort of jobs programming can get you. I've learned the basics of c programming and is going in to java, javascript, etc. What are some good paying jobs that programming can get you? #career #jobs #programming

3 answers

Sanket’s Answer

Updated California, California

Here are few areas where people with computer science degree and those who have good programming knowledge work as. Software engineer: They design and develop computer software or website or mobile applications. Test engineer: They test software written by software engineers Hardware engineer: They work on developing computer hardwares like computer processor, chips, etc. UX engineer: They design user interface i.e. look and feel of computer application or software. For eg: How a mobile application look like is decided by UX engineer. Product manager: They have computer background as well as some management experience and they get to decide what product should be developed. Programming knowledge is required only for software engineer, test engineer & hardware engineer roles.

All the above jobs are good paying and salary often depends on company which you are joining.

sumeet’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Hi, There's a more broad categorization:

Functional Languages Lisp, Miranda, Gopher, Haskell. Bits of JavaScript A functional language defines every program as 1 function.

Procedural Languages These are the most well known, like C, Pascal, C++, Basic, Java. All of these have multiple statements that are executed in order. A subset of these are Object Oriented, which means they work with classes and objects.

Declarative Languages SQL is the most obvious example. Or Prolog. In these you define the output of you wish to receive and an internal 'engine' figures out how this can be achieved best. These languages are less general purpose, but very powerful in their field.

In any of these languages you can have dynamic or static typing, and they can be either interpreted or compiled.

Arjun’s Answer

Updated Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  1. Computer Programmer
  2. Computer Support Specialist
  3. Computer Systems Analyst
  4. Database Administrator
  5. Web Developers, Information Security Analysts and Computer Network Architects
  6. Network and Computer Systems Administrators
  7. Software Developers