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Pricing Manager at Dell
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Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
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keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Apr 26, 2016 1177 views

What are the qualification noted in the Campus interview in India?

Hi What are the basic Qualification required which meets in the Campus selection.How to Improve those skills #teaching #professor #educator #counseling #mentoring

Jayavel mgr’s Avatar
Jayavel mgr Jun 22, 2016 521 views

In which stream i would take in my higher studies to became a biologist?

I like it very much #any

suchitra’s Avatar
suchitra Jul 02, 2016 735 views

I want to become an Exibition Manager! What do I need to study to become an Exhibition Manager?

I want to earn more on how to be an Exhibition Manager! #any #professional #art

Ruqiya’s Avatar
Ruqiya Apr 28, 2016 576 views

What should I do after intermediate if I become a Software engeenear

To know best options #any

keerthana’s Avatar
keerthana Apr 25, 2016 991 views

Improving professional, Presentation and Life skills?

Hai! iam keerthana . How to improve my Profession, Presentation and life skills. #teaching #teacher #professor #education #school #educator #mentoring #counselling

kiran’s Avatar
kiran Apr 29, 2016 596 views

can i do my PhD during my lecturering?

because i need to be a zoological scientist hence i must take phD then only i can able to start my professional in my PhD course,

Ruqiya’s Avatar
Ruqiya Apr 30, 2016 1060 views

To become a Airmarshal then what i study for that

I'm studying class 10 and my ambition is to become a Airmarshal #any

shilpa’s Avatar
shilpa Jun 24, 2016 788 views

am pursuing my studies in fashion designing,is there a higher level course in this field?

I want to set up my own business in fashion designing...what are best career choices available? #business #fashion #design #arts #drawing

Aman’s Avatar
Aman Jun 23, 2016 624 views

Are job opportunities available for NET/SET qualified students.

I have doubt #any

anjali’s Avatar
anjali May 31, 2016 803 views

i want to become a data warehouse manager?which subject i want to take please guide me

hi! i am from ghs jb nagar bengaluru

pranesha’s Avatar
pranesha May 04, 2016 1676 views

In RBI Bank, i want to become a manager? which subject i want to learn

hi! i am pranesha from ghs jb nagar bengaluru #any #professional

Abdul’s Avatar
Abdul Jun 22, 2016 700 views

Career options for commerce student with no maths involved

please discuss #employee