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What are the jobs that the high school students can get if they don't have a college degree yet?

My name is Syeda and currently I am working on my associate degree in Biology at Hudson county community college. I want to be a doctor so I wanted to take summer classes this year to get my education completed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I couldn't take them because I didn't have a job and I couldn't pay for them. I am still struggling to find a job that I can do. #students #counselor #employee

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Miriam’s Answer

To get into medical school ultimately you'll want to have had some related jobs as well. I would suggest looking for roles as a receptionist at a medical office or doing admin at a local pharmacy or hospital- this will also get you exposed to the medical field.

To get these jobs, you may have to make connections first. Reach out to people who work at your target companies and ask them to do an informational interview with you. You can find more information about this here: https://career.berkeley.edu/Info/InfoInterview

Once you've connected via informational interviews, you can ask people after the interview if they know of roles that would be open to you now as you explore your interest in medicine.

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