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Does a Gold level in the NCRC mean that I am actually ready for a job, or is it just an ego boost?

Asked Collinsville, Illinois

I scored a Gold in the National Career Readiness certification exam and wondered about its 90% qualifier. And I wonder if it just judges the test taker by their abilities on the job or just at testing in general. #job-search #job-skills #employee-training #employee-benefits #ncrc

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Kim’s Answer

Updated San Antonio, Texas

In looking at this test, it measures your ability to do things that are normally done at work, such as being able to locate, research, and utilize information. That is an important job skill. It does not appear to measure your ability to get along with other people. Your "emotional intelligence" is an important part of your ability to be successful on the job. Since you are doing well on job skills, I would encourage you to evaluate and improve on your "people" skills. There are various self-assessments on-line.