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How many times could you be late to work until you are fired?

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

This varies from employer to employer. Normally, warnings are given well in advance before firing anyone.

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Cecília Iacoponi’s Answer

This question is very complex, it all depends on the company rule.

But there is a very important item.

Arriving late is not a good attitude, especially if it is a habit that has an impact on the company.

The person who arrives late shows that he is not very involved with the minimum obligations of the company.

There is also another point - if you are going to be late at one time or another, but warn, there is no problem. Provided you have a good justification.

As a rule, the delay is not well seen.

Many people begin to take this attitude to be fired. Know that it is the worst choice because you need a future job reference, you will certainly have problems.

If the work is not charming or not what the person really expected, the best attitude is to open the conversation with the boss and get another job that really gives the motivation needed to wake up every day and be ready for the challenges.

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D'Lynne’s Answer

Unless you have a really good reason, every time you are late, it leaves a bad impression with your boss. What bosses are looking for are people that want to be there and people who enjoy working for them. The relationship you have with your boss is more important than anything else about your job. Respect your boss, make sure they enjoy being around you by having a positive upbeat attitude and by working hard.

The first step is to be at work on time. Most companies will consider firing an employee after three days of coming to work late, with no good excuse. Bigger organizations will have personnel policies online that will specify what the policy is on punctuality.

D'Lynne recommends the following next steps:

Practice being on time for everything you do. It will be a good habit that will last you a lifetime. Consider how you feel when you are somewhere on time and you have to wait on someone else who is late.